Obama’s War On Coal Is Over

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump have ended Obama’s war on coal and folks all over the U.S.A. are packing up and preparing to move to Eastern Kentucky for the new high paying coal jobs Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are going to create.

coaljobs300x300webWe overheard folks on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii talking excitedly about selling their luxury condo and moving to Eastern Kentucky for the $100 per hour coal jobs, with great retirement plans and free healthcare coverage.

Airlines in Alaska are overbooked with flights to Eastern Kentucky airports with the promise of high paying coal jobs with unbelievable fringe benefits.

A preacher in North Dakota is leaving his church to help dig up some of that “5000 year old coal” in Eastern Kentucky. He said: “Jesus came to me in a vision and told me to take advantage of what Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have provided.”

A solar panel worker in Mississippi is leaving his job making solar panels to work in the Eastern Kentucky coal mines. He said: “Now that Obama’s war on coal is over we’ll be burning more coal than ever and that will smog up the sky so bad that solar panels will become useless. Coal is the future and there’s money in them thar Eastern Kentucky coal fields.”

A drug dealer in Florida had this to say: “Thank God for Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. I’m gonna make a fortune selling drugs to all of those folks moving to Eastern Kentucky to dig that coal.”

Be sure to thank Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump for all of those Eastern Kentucky coal jobs. You can reach Mitch McConnell by phone (202) 224-2541 and Donald Trump via Twitter at @realDonaldTrump.

Oops this is a parody.

Medicare Part D crony capitalism at work!

Mother Jones
What’s more, Medicare Part D often pays far more for drugs than do Medicaid or the Veterans Health Administration—which, unlike Part D, mandate government measures to hold down prices. One report found that Medicare Part D pays 80 percent more for medicines than the VHA and 73 percent more than Medicaid. While researchers aren’t unanimous in their views, an array of experts have concluded that federal negotiating power—if backed up by other cost controls—would bring Part D drug costs more in line. Read more.

Prescription Drugs. Presidential Debate.

Business Wire

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A group of patient advocates and businesses representing the right of Americans to engage in the importation of prescription medications from safe, credentialed international pharmacies, today announced joint support of an unprecedented initiative to ensure presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address the issue of prescription importation at the second presidential debate.

The group includes the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation, PharmacyChecker.com, Prescription Justice Action Group, RxRights.org, and the publisher of TodaysSeniorsNetwork. Together, these organizations represent more than four million Americans who import medication for personal use each year.

A 500 percent increase in the price of the EpiPen® has elevated the issue of high drug prices to the public’s attention and resulted in Congressional hearings on high drug costs in the U.S. The discussion surrounding unaffordable drug prices, however, has focused almost exclusively on long term solutions.

Americans cannot wait for long term solutions. The Commonwealth Fund reports at least 35 million Americans failed to adhere to their prescribed drug regimens in 2014 due to the high cost of their medications. This non-adherence is estimated to cost $100-$300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs in the U.S. annually, according to a study in Risk Management and Healthcare Policy (2014). Meanwhile, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 71 percent of Americans support access to safe, affordable medications through prescription importation (September, 2016).

The group is asking Americans to support the issue by voting for its importation question through the Open Debate Coalition forum, at https://presidentialopenquestions.com/questions/12064/vote/. It is also encouraging supporters to share their stories on social media and let the moderators of the October 9 presidential debate, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, know that Americans want the presidential candidates to explain how they will provide immediate relief on drug prices and how they’ll fight to increase access to safe, affordable medications through prescription importation. Supporters should use the hashtags #RxAccess and #RxImportation to participate in the discussion.

About Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation

Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) is a national nonprofit patient advocacy organization that advocates for Americans’ access to safe, affordable prescription medications from Canada for personal use. Tens of millions of Americans – especially the elderly and others on fixed incomes – struggle to pay the extremely high price of prescription medications in the U.S. We are here to be a voice for them. For more information visit www.personalimportation.org or contact Rebecca Kelley at info@personalimportation.org or 202.765.3290.

About PharmacyChecker.com

PharmacyChecker.com (www.pharmacychecker.com) is the only independent company that verifies U.S. and international online pharmacies and compares prescription drug prices. Our verifications and price comparisons have been referenced by AARP Magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. We were formed in 2002 when our founder, Tod Cooperman, M.D., saw that increasing numbers of Americans were looking on the Internet to save money on medication but did not have adequate information to protect their health. We are a stakeholder in the online consumer-driven healthcare community, seeking an open Internet environment that promotes innovation and new business models, especially those that serve the public health. For more information, contact Gabriel Levitt at 718.387.4526 or Gabriel.levitt@pharmacychecker.com.

About Prescription Justice Action Group

Prescription Justice Action Group is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing relief and protection for American patients. Prescription Justice Action Group brings together doctors, lawyers, public health advocates, and companies dedicated to helping people afford medication. For more information, contact Jodi Dart at 217.306.5823 or jodi@pjag.org.

About RxRights

RxRights is a national nonprofit coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to raising awareness and spurring action around issues related to U.S. prescription drug pricing. We support the right of Americans to import medicine from legitimate, licensed online and mail order international pharmacies. RxRights.org serves as a forum for individuals to share experiences and voice opinions regarding Americans’ need for affordable prescription drugs. We encourage participation and discussion through our website. For more information visit www.rxrights.org or contact Lee Graczyk: lee@rxrights.org or 1-866-703-5442.

About TodaysSeniorsNetwork

TodaysSeniorsNetwork , which includes RxforAmericanHealth and the AmericanRxBillofRights, is America’s leading information source for seniors an issues facing an aging America. Publisher Daniel Hines, an international award-winning communicator brings his unique perspective to a host of issues based on his extensive work with policy-makers at the local, state and Federal levels, elected officials, seniors’ and other advocacy groups, and who has worked extensively on behalf of personal importation of safe, affordable prescription medicines for 15 years. For the official blog, visit http://www.todaysseniorsnetwork.com and for more information, contact Daniel Hines at 646.386.5234 or todaysseniorsnet@sbcglobal.net.


Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation
Rebecca Kelley, 202-765-3290

Plan B as in Bernie?


Bernie Sanders rallies the faithful in Paducah, KY. Photo by Berry Craig

Bernie Sanders rallies the faithful in Paducah, KY.
Photo by Berry Craig

Is it possible that even die-hard Hillary Clinton Democrats might end up grudgingly grateful for Bernie Sanders?

She’s still the all-but-certain presidential nominee. But he could be the party’s Plan B if it turns out there’s really something to the Clinton email “scandal.”

Naturally, the Clinton campaign is downplaying that state department inspector general’s report which castigated her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. Predictably, Trump has stepped up calling her “Crooked Hillary.”

A lot of Democratic rank-and-filers, including this union card-packing Sanders supporter, are of the we’re ‘Voting Blue No Matter Who'” persuasion. Though some of us Feel the Bern and others sport “Hillary for America” buttons, we’re all getting behind whoever wins the nomination.

Right now, we’re worried.

That ongoing FBI probe into Clinton’s emails scares us more than the watchdog’s report, which is bad enough.

It’s not clear how much political hay Trump and the Republicans can make off the report. The story will fade from the news–thought not from Trump commercials and campaign speeches–if the FBI investigation will, as some expect, fail to lead to criminal charges.

Meanwhile, Ed Kilgore of New York magazine suggests much of the “scandal” is media made.

His column is more proof, as if proof were needed, that the “liberal media” is a myth.

Kilgore faulted the media for its tendency toward false equivalency. The county is “drifting into a general election where important media sources seem to have decided that Clinton violating State Department email protocols and Trump openly threatening press freedoms, proudly championing war crimes, and cheerfully channeling misogyny and ethnic and racial grievances are of about the same order of magnitude.”

He cited an editorial in the Washington Post,  vilified by cold war conservatives as “Pravda on the Potomac” and still scorned by the right as a leader of the “liberal media” pack.

Headlined “Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules,” the editorial “hurled righteous thunderbolts at Clinton,” he wrote.

The author added: “Words like ‘inexcusable’ suggest that Clinton has all but disqualified herself from the presidency. But if the FBI disagrees, as most everyone expects, then the Post will have done yeoman’s service for that other major-party presidential nominee, and his effort to brand Clinton as ‘Crooked Hillary.’”

Kilgore conceded that John and Jane Q citizen don’t completely trust the all-but-certain Democratic nominee. (Polls show they don’t much trust Trump either.) “But a bigger concern ought to be that Trump fans credit him for ‘telling it like it is’ when the man is constantly repeating malicious gossip, lunatic conspiracy theories, ancient pseudo-scandals, and blatant falsehoods.”

Clinton may weather the storm, mostly media-made or otherwise. The FBI report may confirm her campaign’s claim that the email “scandal” was more of a tempest in a teapot than a hurricane.

But if the Feds say Clinton broke the law—though that’s evidently unlikely—we’ve got Plan Bernie. He’s ahead of Trump in most polls, though some pundits and political pros insist that’s because Trump and the Republicans have yet to vilify him like they have Clinton. Others say he really does have a better chance at beating Trump than Clinton has.

At any rate, the Republicans only have a Plan A in The Donald, a racist, sexist, nativist, misogynist, greed-is-good, union-busting demagogue who is the Real McCoy scandal of 2016.

Trump’s NAFTA baloney


trunprey220Either Donald Trump is flat fibbing about the North American Free Trade Agreement or he’s clueless about the deal unions say has cost thousands of American jobs.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants voters—especially working stiffs–to believe he’ll ditch the trade deal when he’s president.

Trump is short on specifics about how he’d put the kibosh on NAFTA. So let’s get specific.

A President Trump couldn’t repeal NAFTA by himself. Only Congress could. So is Trump just trying to dupe John and Jane Q Citizen into voting for him, or does he really not know how government works?

Either way, the odds of getting rid of NAFTA—or successfully renegotiating the trade pact—would be better under Hillary Clinton, Trump’s almost certain Democratic foe–or Bernie Sanders should he somehow edge Clinton at the finish line.

First some background: Republican President George H.W. Bush finished completing the deal with Canada and Mexico about three months before the 1992 presidential election. Bush was seeking a second term, but he lost to Democrat Bill Clinton.

The spouse of this year’s all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee, Clinton got behind NAFTA. In 1993, Congress passed the trade deal, and he signed it.

The Democrats enjoyed majorities in the House and Senate, but the Republicans got the NAFTA bill passed. Most Democrats voted against it. The House endorsed NAFTA 234-200; the Senate 61-38.

In the House, 156 Democrats voted “nay” and 102 voted “yea.” Republicans favored the NAFTA bill 132-43. (The naysayers included an independent Vermont congressman named Sanders.)

The Senate split similarly: 28 Democrats opposed the legislation, and 27 were for it. Republicans favored NAFTA 34-10.

Okay, back to the present, where the GOP controls both houses of Congress. Most House and Senate Republicans still favor trade pacts like NAFTA, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which unions also vehemently reject.

President Barack Obama, a Democrat, favors the TPP, which he says will really create more jobs. Most Democratic lawmakers side with unions and against the president.

Here’s the bottom line: If Trump is elected president, the GOP will almost certainly retain its majorities in both chambers, if not boost them. So the chance of NAFTA’s demise with a Trump presidency is virtually zero.

On the other hand, if Clinton or Sanders wins, the Democrats are apt to increase their House and Senate numbers. If the she or he wins big, the Democrats might take back the Senate and the House—or at least significantly whittle down the GOP’s margin the lower chamber.

The TPP would be toast, and NAFTA would be in big trouble.

Admittedly, Hillary Clinton backed NAFTA when the Big Dog was president. She has since changed her mind.

“Hillary has said for almost a decade that we need to renegotiate NAFTA, and she still believes that today,” maintains a Clinton campaign online Factsheet. “And she would review all of our trade agreements with the same scrutiny.”

The Factsheet also declares that Clinton would “say ‘no’ to new trade agreements that don’t meet her high bar – including the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Hillary will hit pause and say ‘no’ to new trade agreements unless they create American jobs, raise wages, and improve our national security. After looking at the final terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, including what it contains on currency manipulation and its weak rules of origin standard for what counts as a car that can get treaty benefits, she opposed the agreement because it did not meet her test. And she will hold every future trade agreement to the same high standard.”

Trump, too has changed his tune. Before he ran for president, he was fine with outsourcing. While he never tires of trashing U.S. companies that ship jobs and production abroad, he’s a big-time outsourcer himself.

Trump flip-flops almost every time he opens his mouth, but he’s shown uncharacteristic consistency on unions. He’s anti-union.

He says he prefers “right to work” states to non-RTW states. Both Clinton and Sanders are staunchly anti-RTW.

While Trump insists union members love him, he’s determined to keep his hotel workers in Las Vegas from having a union. Clinton and Sanders support workers’ right to unionize.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called Trump “a bigot. From his anti-American proposal to ban Muslims to his horrendous comments about women and immigrants, Trump is running on hate. It seems the only group he won’t criticize is the KKK.”

Added Trumka, a former president of the United Mine Workers of America: “Those statements and positions are bad enough. But what’s getting less attention is how Donald Trump really feels about working people…

“First, Trump loves right to work. He said it is “better for the people” and his position is ‘100 percent.’ Meanwhile, he is fighting tooth and nail against workers at his hotel in Las Vegas.

“Second, Trump was a major financial backer of Scott Walker and says he admired the way Walker took on public unions in Wisconsin.

“Finally, and most disturbingly, Trump says our wages are already too high. Can you believe that? Trump is advocating the polar opposite of our raising wages agenda.

You see, Trump says he’s with the American working class, but when you look close, it’s just hot air.”