The Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton


The Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorses Hillary Clinton and they are catching Hell (feeling the Bern) on their Facebook page and Twitter.

Congressman Keith Ellison Tweeted this: “Cong’l Black Caucus (CBC) has NOT endorsed in presidential. Separate CBCPAC endorsed withOUT input from CBC membership, including me.”  His Tweet has been retweeted 1000+ times.

Bill Clinton NAFTA Carrier 1400 Jobs To Mexico

Remember when Bill Clinton signed NAFTA? He can add 1400 more jobs to the million jobs already lost due to him signing NAFTA.

Fox 59
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 10, 2016) – Carrier plans to relocate its Indianapolis operations to Mexico over the next three years, a move that will affect about 1,400 jobs.

Jobs will begin transitioning to Monterrey, Mexico, in 2017, with completion estimated in 2019. The company manufactures heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems at its plant located on West Morris Street. Read more.


Republican State Leadership Committee And Comcast

Is a vote for Republicans here in Kentucky a vote for Comcast?

What does the Republican State Leadership Committee and Comcast have in common? Well for starters, according to Open Secrets, Comcast contributed $377,964 to the Republican State Leadership Committee. And the Republican State Leadership Committee is working to flip the Kentucky House of Representatives from Democrat to Republican.

Does anyone really believe Comcast would hand over $377,964 to the Republican State Leadership Committee and not expect anything in return?

Comcast has already started playing games with their data usage plans here in Kentucky.

The Unlimited Data Option is currently not available in Tucson, Arizona, Central Kentucky or Maine (account numbers beginning with one of the following sequences: 01108, 01701, 84958, 87733). Read more.

Once you accumulate 300 GB of data usage, here in Kentucky, Comcast wants you to fork over more money. Money they can give to the Republican State Leadership Committee?

In all of our trial markets except Tucson, Arizona, the data amount included with XFINITY Internet tiers was increased to 300 GB per month. We offer additional gigabytes in increments/blocks of 50 GB for $10 each. Read more.

Republicans and Comcast see the hand writing on the wall. Folks are cutting the cord, ditching cable TV and have started streaming and this is costing Comcast money and in my opinion the Republican State Leadership Committee is working to help Comcast increase their revenue by charging their customers more for the increased data usage incurred when folks stream rather than watch cable TV.

The Republican State Leadership Committee took $377,964 from Comcast and now they are asking you to vote Republican and that’s why I believe if we vote Republican we’re really voting for Comcast to take more of our money. I call it a Comcast tax provided to us by the Republican State Leadership Committee.

Never Forget. Bill Clinton Signed NAFTA

Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and this hillbilly ain’t gonna forget it or the million jobs that disappeared because of it.

Huffington Post
Public Citizen has published a report that details the wreckage. Not only did promises made by NAFTA’s proponents not materialize, but many results are exactly the opposite.

Such outcomes include a staggering $181 billion U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada and the related loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs under NAFTA, growing income inequality, displacement of more than one million Mexican campesino farmers and a doubling of desperate immigration from Mexico, and more than $360 million paid to corporations after “investor-state” tribunal attacks on, and rollbacks of, domestic public interest policies. Read more.

Video of Bill Clinton signing NAFTA.

Press Release: Bernie Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods

Bernie 2016
February 8, 2016
MANCHESTER, N.H. – Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, issued the following statement in response to false claims by the Clinton campaign:

“It is very disturbing that, as the Clinton campaign struggles through Iowa and New Hampshire, they have become increasingly negative and dishonest. No, Bernie Sanders will not dismantle health care programs in America. He believes in health care for all. No, Bernie Sanders is not ‘attacking’ Planned Parenthood. He believes Planned Parenthood is an outstanding organization and wants to increase its funding. No, Bernie Sanders is not ‘protecting’ the gun lobby. He has a D- record from the NRA.

“Today’s attack from Secretary Clinton, whose super PAC received $15 million from Wall Street, is even more absurd. Bernie Sanders, who has never accepted corporate PAC money in his life, is now accused by Secretary Clinton of taking ‘about $200,000 from Wall Street firms.’ How do they reach that false and absurd conclusion? They assume that every nickel Bernie Sanders received from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for his Senate campaign came from Wall Street. That is obviously preposterous.

“Bernie appreciates the help he has gotten from the DSCC, whose funds come from millions of Americans’ individual contributions, labor organizations, environmental groups, women’s organizations and others. To say that every nickel that Bernie received came from Wall Street is beyond preposterous. It is laughable and suggests the kind of disarray that the Clinton campaign finds itself in today.”