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What ever happened to the good old American work ethic, like work before play and finishing what you start. I'm here to tell you, that kind of work ethic is alive and well everywhere in the USA except for the elitist that represent us in Congress and they have the gall to put their August vacation, recess or what ever they call it now days before their responsibilities to the American people. Is that leadership?
Folks now days are lucky to have jobs and these Guys/Gals are chompin' at the bit to leave Health Care unfinished so they can take a break. Really!  Get real congress and finish what you started.
One more thing Mr. DeMint, your Waterloo was November 4, 2008 and the Republican Party played the part of Napoleon.

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August Break For Congress? Why? You Ain't Done Yet Jim DeMint! — 1 Comment

  1. We should revisit an idea John Edwards had. Lets take away the healthcare of Congress until they pass real reform for everyone else. We would get real UHC so quick it would make our heads spin!!