Jeff Jeans: Thank You President Barack Obama


CNN’s Jake Tapper hosted CNN a town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan last night and a fellow by the name of Jeff Jeans asked Paul Ryan “Why would you repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement?” Jeff Jeans … Continue reading →

Dennis Parrett Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood


Senator Dennis Parrett (D) Senate District 10 voted today, February 2, 2016, to defund Planned Parenthood. The Bill SB 7 passed the senate 33 to 5. WFPL State Sen. Max Wise, a Republican from Campbellsville, said he introduced the bill … Continue reading →

Democrat Dennis Parrett Is A Sponsor Of Kentucky Senate Bill 4


Senator Dennis Parrett (Democrat Senate District 10), along with 14 Kentucky Republican senators, is a sponsor of Kentucky Senate Bill 4. So what is Kentucky Senate Bill 4? RH Reality Check Kentucky’s Republican-dominated state senate passed a bill Tuesday that … Continue reading →

Dennis Parrett A Democrat, I Don’t Think So!


Remember the 2006 election when many of us in Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District were fighting to get the Democratic candidate Mike Weaver elected and unseat ultra conservative Congressman Ron Lewis?
Well guess who was working against us?  Dennis Parrett! Dennis Parrett was giving money to Republican Congressman Ron Lewis to the tune of $1,000

Mr, Parrett an avowed conservative, but not so conservative when it comes to government hand outs wants real Democrats to support him in his campaign for Kentucky Senate District 10. Really! Not this Democrat.

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