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Paducah, Kentucky a place  that gave John McCain and Sarah Palin 61.9% of the vote in the 2008 Presidential election was visited by Ali Velshi and the CNN Express.

CNN seems to be trying to get a feel as to how regular folks feel about Health Care Reform. So when the CNN Express bus pulled up in Paducah, what do you think happened? Well it was pretty uneventful in the beginning. The CNN Express didn’t let anyone know where they going to be and when they going to be there. Smart move because this eliminated the junk going on at some of the so called Town Hall Meetings.
Ali Velshi and his crew went right to work interviewing folks and as folks began to gather around the CNN Express, Mike Watt a free lance photographer suggested to Ali Velshi that he Ali Velshi hold a Town Hall Meeting right there on Paducah’s Riverfront. Ali Velshi ran with that and a impromptu Town Hall Meeting was set up. The CNN Express crew wired folks up with wireless mikes, brought chairs out of the CNN Express bus and set up the impromptu Town Hall Meeting inside a gazebo right there on Paducah’s River Front.

CNN Express interviewed Richard Dillon, Heather Ryan and me. They may or may not have it on the air later today.

Click here to view photos we shot.

We have uploaded videos up and they are below.

Thank You CNN Express And Ali Velshi

CNN Express Ali Velshi Health Care

CNN Express Ali Velshi Interviews Richard Dillon





CNN Express Comes To Deep Red Kentucky To Talk About Health Care. Photos, Videos — 6 Comments

  1. While I grew up just outside Paducah, I have not lived there in a long time.  However, I do check on the hillbilly report ever now and then to see how the liberals are doing in my home state, and that is how I found that CNN had interviewed residents in Paducah.

    Unlike some “townhall meetings” held with shouting and rancor, this one as the videos will attest was one with citizens speaking their minds in a reasonable tone and also speaking from knowledge.  I wish that all residents could see the three videos and also read Richard Dillon’s report.  Everyone interviewed did such a great job.

  2. Thanks for these vids, Jim. Yesterday I caught one of Ali’s snippets from Paducah on CNN. He acknowledged the tea boogers were not in evidence upon CNN’s arrival, but he reported on the broad conservatism that exists in KY. I believe it was this Cub’s fan who appeared on CNN with a brief comment. From Ali’s comments, it sounds like CNN will have a major program about this tour eventually. Maybe the Cub’s man will reappear. He gave an awfully good interview.