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When Daniel Mongiardo came to Radcliff, Kentucky I had the opportunity to ask him about Single Payer Health Care. His answer and the video is after the hump. The audio is not as good as I would like there was too much interference to use a wireless mic.
As I have said in a previous post our goal here is not to criticize the candidates, but to inform you so you can make a decision in the Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senatorial Primary based on facts.




Daniel Mongiardo And Single Payer Health Care — 3 Comments

  1. He didn’t really say anything.  

    He says “were going to fix it”  “We know how”

    Well tell us.  It shouldn’t be a secret.  I want to know what I’m voting for.  This E-health crap is NOT a fix for all the expenses.  In fact most hospitals are already implementing it.  And costs sure as hell ain’t coming down.  That’s another one of those “..hold on ..give it time” deals.  

    He needs to ANSWER….  does he support SINGLE PAYER or not !!

    He needs to decide … IS HE A REPUBLICAN or a DEMOCRAT….

    Don’t get me wrong.  I like Dr Dan.  I just think he is starting to waffle all over the place to garner votes.  

    Dan…Your running as a DEMOCRAT. Act like it !!!

    65% of American citizens (according to Zogby) want a single payer system. With guarantee protection against “PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS”

    See the light buddy before May 2010 gets here.  We ain’t voting for no GOP LITE version of a Senator.