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Over the next several days we hope to post the Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senatorial Candidates position on HR 676 (Single Payer Health Care). Our goal here is not to criticize the candidates, but to inform you so you can make a decision in the Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senatorial Primary based on facts. Today we have Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senatorial Candidate Darlene Price's  position on Single Payer Health Care. Our email correspondence is as follows:

Darlene Price,
My name is James Pence, a Progressive Democratic Blogger. I'm in the process of writing a article concerning Single Payer Health Care. My question is this: Do you support HR-676 Single Payer Health Care?
Thanks a million.
James Pence

Dear Mr. Pence,
Thank you so much for your question!  I'm honored to answer a resounding yes to the Single Payer Option. Now is not the time for half measures – Now is the time to be bold!!!!  This bill simply expands Medicare to create a new and more functional method of collecting and distributing payments for medical services.  It leaves the physician system completely alone and will save literally billions of dollars every year by eliminating wasteful duplication. It is not “Socialized Medicine” as many have mistakenly characterized.
Here are just some of the benefits the Single Payer method will provide:
No more pre-existing conditions to be excluded from coverage.
Every resident of the U.S. will be covered from birth to death.
No corporate bureaucrat will ever come between you and your Doctor to deny your care.
No more expensive deductibles or co-pays.
All dental and eye care will be included.
Cost of coverage will be assessed on a sliding scale basis.
Long term nursing home services will be included.
Mental health and substance abuse care will be fully covered.
Your coverage will be portable and not tied to any job or location.
The lack of health care in our country is one of the very large reasons that many are losing their homes.  My husband and I are just a health care incident away from bankruptcy ourselves, and we have a law office, would be considered middle-class and have Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  After working as an investigator in a law office I have had a front row seat for just how the insurance industry has made their record profits over the last three years.  They take your premiums, raise them with no real rhyme or reason, and then when you file a legitimate claim because, God forbid you get sick, then they will come up with any reason they can to deny your claim.  I have seen this with my own two eyes, repeatedly!!!
Further, Insurance companies should not be deciding what care doctors are to give their patients.  Under the current system many of your medical decisions are not being made by your doctor but by some corporate bureaucrat working for a private insurance company whose main concern is making larger profits – NOT YOUR HEALTH.  I've seen this first-hand.   I worked for three years as a surgical technologist in the operating room.  I saw how surgeons would have to stop in the middle of surgery and argue with the insurance companies in order to use a more proper/better device that they knew to work better than the cheap device the insurance company wanted them to use.  This is not Health Care!! This is Health Scare!!!!!
I know that many are saying, “Well how can we pay for this?”  My answer is, “YOU ALREADY ARE PAYING FOR IT – YOU'RE JUST NOT GETTING IT!!!  Most folks pay ludicrous premiums every month and get very little if nothing in return.   Anything worthwhile is never free.  However, the taxes that will be used to support this option will be a lower cost alternative to the staggering private health insurance premiums that most of us already pay.  Moreover, If we can afford to give billions to billionaire, boneheads on Wall Street then we can and should be taking care of our citizen's health! !!! If we can afford no bid contracts, which we still have, for the war in Iraq, then we can afford this.  If we the middle class and poor can pay for all of congress' health care plans via our taxes, then why can't their tax dollars help pay for ours!!!  If Congress (house and the senate) can vote themselves a raise with our tax dollars virtually on a yearly basis, then we can afford this.
When you hear the “Pocket Politicians” fighting against the Single Payer Option, please do your own investigation.  “Google” who are funding their campaigns.  I'm willing to bet that you will in fact find money from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.  Quid-Pro-Quo!!!   These very “pocket politicians” who are so avidly fighting against healthcare for their citizens are of course getting their healthcare  paid by the very citizens they are denying.
I have family members and clients who have lost everything because of our current healthcare system.  This is why I have vowed in my campaign not to take ONE THIN DIME from either the Insurance industry or the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Our country pays more for medicines/pharmaceuticals than any other country, and oh what a coincidence,  pharmaceutical companies are one of the top contributors to campaigns on Capitol Hill as are insurance companies.   We must connect the dots here. I feel this is the most important thing wrong with our government: CRONY CAMPAIGN FINANCING!!!  It is the big, fat, ugly domino that keeps trampling over all the other dominoes (health care, education, reasonable medicines, jobs, etc.).
My campaign is being run by an all volunteer staff.  We started out with just a hand full of folks who believed in me because of my story (ten year battle against government corruption), and now we have over a thousand volunteers statewide campaigning for me.  My stance on campaign financing is one of the reasons that one of the largest unions in the nation, the National Federation of Federal Government Employees (NFFE)  has endorsed me.
I'm convinced that in the long run, a Single Payer Option will become cheaper and more efficient for our country than the path we now take.  Albert Einstein coined the phrase, “The definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”  Our current healthcare system is insane.  We desperately need REAL CHANGE and we need it now!!!  
I feel very passionately about this.  I have dear friends and family members who are currently suffering a serious healthcare crises and are having to battle their insurance companies to get the simple healthcare they have already paid for.  I may actually lose two of them because of this fight.  For me this is heart-wrenching to watch.  I do not claim to be a health care expert, but I know the difference between right and wrong.  OUR CURRENT SYSTEM IS WRONG!!
The best plan that I've seen put forward thus far is the Single Payer Plan. Based on the aforementioned, I support this plan.
Darlene F. Price




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  1. I definately like what she has to say about single-payer!! We may have to take a harder look at this little lady here in Kentucky!!

  2. Photobucket

    got this email today

    Dear MoveOn member,

    We’ve petitioned. We’ve called. We’ve faxed. We’ve dropped off fliers.

    Now, the health care fight is really heating up in the Senate, and some Democrats are trying to bargain away the heart of President Obama’s health care plan-a strong public health insurance option. We need to escalate our campaign for real health care reform.

    On Thursday, July 9th, MoveOn is organizing nationwide “Public Option Now!” Health Care Rallies to send a strong message to every senator: Health care reform must include a strong public health insurance option.

    But we still need someone to organize a rally near Mayfield. Can you help?


    Organizing a rally at your senator’s office is really straight forward. All you have to do is pick a location and follow our simple guide. We’ll get you all the materials you need and help you every step of the way.

    These rallies will be really powerful. We’ll hear from folks who are suffering because of the broken health care system-including small business owners and doctors who know firsthand why a public health insurance option is so critical.

    We’ll also deliver hundreds of thousands of signatures from voters who are standing with Obama and demanding a strong public option as a key part of health care reform.

    If hundreds of us organize events like these we’ll help impact our senators’ votes during this critical moment in the fight for health care reform-but it’s going to take all of us working together.

    Sign up to organize a rally today:


    Thanks for all you do,

  3. maybe we need to get one their

    Professional Arts Building

    2320 Broadway, Suite 100

    Paducah, KY 42001

    Phone: (270) 442-4554

  4. I read her answer to Jim’s question, I was firmly in Conway’s camp.  Unless there’s a lesser Republican’t in the race, it’s the only way I can vote for Mongiardo.  But Ms.Price / fitzGerald took a good swipe at my socks with her responce.  Literate, polite & assertive — for what else could we ask?

    Let’s keep her coupled to our social & political consciousness.  Does she have a political position on commodities trading?  Let’s explore!