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"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
A Jim Pence Quote
"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
A Jim Pence Quote

Kentucky's Crazy Uncle Spawns Two Looney Nephews

by: RDemocrat

Sat Feb 27, 2010 at 02:47:58 AM EST

One thing we have known in Kentucky for a long time now whatever political stripe you are is quite simply, Jim Bunning is the crazy uncle of Kentucky politics. His antics have been well documented, forcing Mitch McConnell to use his machine to force the walking embarrassment to a disgraced party out of the race in favor of someone he hopes can actually win against either strong candidate the Democrats can field. Well, now we are finding out that if a Repubican is elected in Kentucky we will not only lose a crazy uncle, but gain a crazy nephew.  
RDemocrat :: Kentucky's Crazy Uncle Spawns Two Looney Nephews
Yes, because we have two crazy nephews of Jim Bunning in the race for United States Senate. You see, after Bunning used his vote as a rubber-stamp for the failed policies employed by George W. Bush and crashed the economy, he does not think that those affected by his uncaring incompetence should recieve any relief:

Late Thursday night and again Friday morning, Bunning single-handedly blocked a 30-day extension of unemployment benefits and health insurance payments for more than 1 million jobless Americans over concerns about the federal deficit.

Which begs the question of where was all this concern by Bunning for the federal deficit when he was voting for over a trillion dollars for the failed middle-eastern policy we have embarked upon?? Where was this concern for the federal deficit as he voted for the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy, tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs, and general Corporate Welfare in any way shape or form?? Now the working Americans he helped unemploy do not deserve the same "relief"??

So, what is the consequences of "Crazy Jimbo" holding up this legislation??:

The result: Some unemployment benefits could dry up Monday. Newly laid-off workers might not get federal help with health insurance premiums. Road and transit bills could go unpaid. Medicare payments to doctors would stay high. Rural satellite reception might even be affected.

What a total and complete uncaring move from a typical Kentucky Republican. Heartless, selfish, hypocritical, and downright amnesiatic. It appears to the great unwashed masses that have caused Senator Bunning and his Republican cohorts so much grief in trying to attain and maintain the middle-class, the disdain is quite mutual:

By Friday afternoon, Bunning's regional offices in Hazard and Louisville received bomb threats, according to the Kentucky State Police in Hazard. Police said they evacuated the premises, and searched the area with sniffer dogs. As of Friday evening, nothing had been found and the investigation was turned over to the FBI.

Oh, but the sad part is that here in Kentucky not only do we have one Senator for Communist China that just loves exploited slave labor in Mitch McConnell, but we have another "Crazy Uncle" outgoing Senator who is clearly "out there like Pluto". Even sadder is this crazy uncle has spawned a couple of crazy nephews who would take his place in selfish, uncaring lunacy and work with Mitch McConnell to prop up Chinese Communism, as well as putting all these damn pesky American workers who do not want to be slaves in their rightful place:

The top Republicans seeking to replace Bunning, who is not seeking re-election in November, applauded the 77-year-old Hall of Fame pitcher's hard ball stance as the top Democrats in the race denounced the move.

Republican Trey Grayson, Kentucky's secretary of state, said he would "proudly stand up to ensure that programs are paid for ..." Republican Rand Paul, a Bowling Green eye surgeon, said "more Senators need to stand up for the taxpayers and against the big spending career politicians in both parties."

So, with Bunning stepping aside we will lose a crazy uncle but if the Republican is elected we gain a looney nephew. A belching factory of talking points that will continue to destroy working America and only demand programs be "paid for" when they actually benefit Americans who were harmed by their very actions.

The Jim Bunning episode and the Republican reaction in Kentucky should demonstrate to all the country just what the Republican mindset is. Waste hundreds of billions of dollars to enrich themselves, and then deny benefits to those who paid for that waste with thier livelihoods.

I hope America is watching and the average voter will take the real lesson that is being taught about the true goals of the Republican Party nationally right here in Kentucky.

Well, at least here at Hillbilly Report we can finally bid our crazy uncle adeu with a song:

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Jim Bunning "tough shit " (4.00 / 1)

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed."
~Mark Twain~  

LOL!! (0.00 / 0)

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Way to go Jim (4.00 / 2)

©"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
A James Pence Quote

McConnell should go too (4.00 / 1)
What can we do to encourage McConnell to follow Sen. Tough Shit out the door? I just watched him on CNN say that Healthcare Reform is the Democrats against the American people. Please, everyone, tell Sen. McConnell that this sort of McCarthyistic speech is unacceptable. I am a Democrat and an American, as are all other Democrats. If Mr. McConnell wants a debate on patriotism, perhaps he'd like to discuss his (lack of) military service.

Indeed... (0.00 / 0)
Jim has pounded him on that over the years.

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