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"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
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"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
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Lindsey Graham and the New Attempt To Steal Social Security

by: RDemocrat

Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 13:51:59 PM EST

We haven't even gotten a "fiscal cliff" agreement yet. Even though President Obama has already offered up "chained CPI" to steal just a little of American's Social Security it is not enough for Republicans. Even though Social Security has never added a single penny to the national debt they were determined to use the "fiscal cliff" as a shameless attempt to steal Social Security in exchange for making tax rates on wealthy Americans what they should be to begin with. Now that it seems they will fail because of their own greed in stealing too much Social Security in that battle they are moving on to the next battle to attempt to steal Social Security from younger generations of Americans and not so slowly phase out that program.  
RDemocrat :: Lindsey Graham and the New Attempt To Steal Social Security
Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina is making that clear today. Republicans will accept nothing less than destroying Social Security. They would do this not by having an up or down vote on whether Americans want this program or not but by phasing it out, raising the retirement age again and again insuring younger Americans never see a penny they have earned.

Their next attempt to do this has begun even before their latest attempt has failed. On Fox News Lindsey Graham tried to sugar-coat his attempt to do this. He will refuse to raise our debt limit and risk sending American into another full-blown Great Depression unless he is allowed to start stealing Social Security from middle-age and young Americans:

Which begs one simple question. As long as Lindsey Graham has been in the Senate where was all this concern for our debt when he was voting to run it up? Where was all this concern indeed when folks like himself were slopping at the government trough sucking the blood from America like some suited vampire that cared nothing for the long-term damage as long as he got his blood from the veins of the American system?

Now he thinks average working Americans should pay for his excesses with the benefits they worked hard for and earned, something Lindsey Graham simply cannot understand.

Just what would it do if Democrats don't play ball and allow Republicans like Graham to steal your Social Security? Forget recession, we would be looking at another Great Depression:

To see just how much, imagine that this debt limit crisis happened last year. The budget deficit last August and September was $125 billion. If the government had been unable to finance that deficit, it would have been forced to cut $125 billion from its spending during those two months-which if translated into a decline of that magnitude in economic activity would have resulted in GDP dropping by 2.3 percent, in nominal terms, from the previous quarter.

To put that kind of drop in perspective, consider that the biggest quarter-to-quarter drop in nominal GDP since 1947, when official statistics began, was 2 percent from the third to fourth quarter of 2008-the middle of the Great Recession, when we lost nearly 2 million jobs. In other words, had the government been unable to borrow last summer, it could have resulted in an economic contraction worse than we experienced during the depths of the Great Recession

The reasons why are easy to calculate:

The reason for this drop is simple. If the debt ceiling isn't raised, "the federal government will be forced to immediately cut nearly 40 percent from its budget," which would be a significant drag on the rest of the economy. The Wall Street Journal found that failing to raise the debt ceiling for 95 days would wipe out all of the expected 2011 economic growth.

Some Republicans have posited that such a shock to the economic system could actually be a good thing. "By defaulting on the debt, in the short and long term, it could benefit us to go through a period of crisis that forces politicians to make decisions" on major policies that affect the budget, said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA).

But of course all this means little to people like Lindsey Graham. With the trickle-down idiocy they have enacted in the last few decades they have redistributed the wealth of America from those who actually work to themselves. Now, the most important thing for them is not what is best for our country, but finding a way to keep the wealth they have fleeced and make working Americans pay for it yet again.

Which gives all Americans a choice. Do you want to line up with folks like Lindsey Graham, whose greed is like a crack addiction? No matter how much they fleece and how much wealth is redistributed to them it is not enough. Or do you want to line up behind yourself, your family and your friends who work hard and just want a fair shake in this country for the first time in thirty years??

To me the choice should be clear.

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