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"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
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"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
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Some Questions for Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell and a Needed Disowning

by: RDemocrat

Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 01:45:42 AM EDT

The Mad Doctor with the twisty curls who would be President is on record with some advice for newly announced Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes. And while his advice seems to be political in nature it could hint at something pretty troubling considering his company and some of his past statements. Then again, it might show us just exactly why the company he keeps means that birds of a feather flock together even as Rand Paul continues to contradict himself.
RDemocrat :: Some Questions for Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell and a Needed Disowning
His advice for Mrs. Grimes? Disown the elected President of her own party:

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul suggested Wednesday that Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes should consider disowning President Barack Obama if she hopes to run a competitive race against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell."I don't know it will be as competitive as some think it will be," Paul said Wednesday during a brief news conference after speaking to about 140 people at a Scott County Republican Party Independence Day luncheon."The biggest thing and the hardest part for any Democrat to win in Kentucky for a federal office is that you pretty much have to disown the president," Paul said.

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His reasoning?:

Paul, R-Bowling Green, said Kentuckians especially are upset with Obama for pushing environmental policies that hurt the coal industry. He predicted that issue would be a major drag on Grimes' efforts to unseat the Republican incumbent from Louisville, who has been in the U.S. Senate since January 1985.

But then again Rand Paul is a Republican. They are really good at saying things just the opposite of what they believe and masking their true beliefs with their public statements. Hence, right along with his "advice" to the newly announced Senate candidate Rand Paul added this gem of wisdom:

Paul also said the Republican Party needed to be more inclusive. "We need to have more African-Americans, more Hispanics, more Jewish Americans, more Arab Americans. When we do, it's going to be easier for us to win national elections."

However, what Paul does not mention is this. His advice to Lundergan Grimes could run completely contrary to his advice to get more votes to his own party. Why would he want Mrs. Grimes to seperate herself from Barack Obama so badly? Maybe it is because deep down inside the Mad Doctor just does not like folks of color very much. As they say, "birds of a feather flock together":

A close aide to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is a former member of a pro-secessionist group who used to wear a luchador mask emblazoned with a Confederate flag under the moniker, "Southern Avenger."

Jack Hunter, Paul's director of new media, who also co-wrote Paul's 2011 book The Tea Party Goes to Washington, is a former radio shock jock and former member of a neo-Confederate organization, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon. Hunter is the second Paul staffer to have his troublesome views on racial issues revealed.

Prior to his days as the Southern Avenger, Hunter was a prominent member of the League of the South, a pro-Confederate, pro-secession group. The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified the League of the South as a hate group, and said it has become more "explicitly racist" throughout the years.

And of course this is not the only racist bird that Rand Paul has flocked with:

During Paul's 2010 Senate bid, he forced out his then-spokesman, Christopher Hightower, after a reporter discovered a note posted to Hightower's MySpace page on Martin Luther King Day that read "HAPPY N****R DAY!!!" alongside an image of a lynching.

So maybe his advice to the newest Democratic candidate for Mitch McConnell's seat has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. Maybe Rand Paul is just showing his true feelings toward having a man of color in the White House.

So my questions to Rand Paul are simple. Do you stand by the racist views of the people you choose to associate yourself with? If you do not hold these views yourself why do you choose to associate with these kind of folks? Are you advising Alison Lundergan Grimes to distance herself from Barack Obama because you are disgusted America has elected a man of color into the White House? Is that why you really would have voted against the Civil Rights Act, because you do not believe people of color have the same rights as you do?

And my questions to Mitch McConnell. Do you stand behind the junior Senator from Kentucky and the racists he flocks with? Will you disown this kind of hatred from Rand Paul and his staffers? Do you secretly agree with them?

And finally, for both Senators from Kentucky how do you plan on getting Hispanics, African-Americans, and Arab Americans to vote you into the White House when you and those you associate with apparently consider them inferior?

I think what really needs to happen is that the state of Kentucky needs to "disown" the two most disgraceful Senators in America. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell.

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