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Google uses special graphics to mark special days.

Today, a spinning, American flag-wrapped ballot box appears on the popular search engine.

A twirling white box with red dollar signs might be more appropriate. The dollar signs would symbolize the millions of dollars right-wing, union-hating billionaires like the Koch sibs have spent trying to buy the election by lavishing a mountain of cash, especially on Red State, right-wing Republican candidates, including Mitch McConnell, the senior of Kentucky’s two union-busting senators.
White would symbolize the GOP’s neo-Jim Crow voter suppression laws, which are aimed squarely at minorities, notably African Americans, because they mostly vote Democratic.

White supremacist Southern Democratic legislators passed the original Jim Crow voter laws which disenfranchised blacks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Back then, almost all African Americans voted for the Republicans, the party of “Lincoln and Liberty.”

Today, the Republican Party is largely what the Democrats used to be, notably in the South and in border states like Kentucky: the white folks party.
To be sure, the Republican vote suppressors don’t just dwell in Dixie. Some GOP-majority legislatures and governors up North have passed voter laws aimed at curbing minority voting.
Meanwhile, the GOP is happy for the helping hand from the Republican-majority Supreme Court. In 2010, came Citizens United, the high court ruling that loosed the Old Testament-size flood of campaign donations, most of the largesse going to Republicans. Earlier this year, the court gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965, freeing nine mostly Republican states – all but two in the old Confederacy – to change their voter laws without getting federal approval in advance.
So, Republicans, spare us the baloney about the “sanctity of the ballot box” and “the solemn majesty” of voting, especially today. You and your allies on the highest court in the land are systematically stacking the deck against minority voters and Democratic candidates.

Big Jim Eastland, Theo Bilbo, Leander Perez and the rest of the old white supremacist Southern Democratic crowd would be proud of you. So would “Dollar” Mark Hanna, conservative Republican President William McKinley’s multi-millionaire money man.



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