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Exxon Ed Whitfield — 11 Comments

  1. boy did i unload on her. I told her if i was going to donate it would stay in my dist. ask her if she knew how much they help last election? she No.. I told her just what i was sending $0

  2. Win or lose, it would be so much fun!!

    Time to close down Whitfield Trucking!!!:

    Ed Whitfield,KY-01,Republicans,Whitmobile

  3. no Whitfield trucking.

    His father had a small electrical contracting business in Madisonville.  They lived on Madison Avenue.  He was reared with delusions of grandeur – and near a Seminary (Street) as well.

  4. Hell yes!  Money?  Hell no.

    I’m not as sympathetic as Heather, smart as Barlow, cute as Heather’s daughter, etc.

    I couldn’t raise money if I had a jack.

  5. Was a joke. Wrote a snark diary during that campaign about Whitfield Trucking delivering debt, de-regulation and other stuff. I had a cool idea on some more pics I wanna do on it too. Hopefully I will have them done soon.  

  6. With no support from anyone but Russ Feingold we raised a hell of a lot more than anyone thought she could. I know the folks at the ProgressiveBlue site donated about $2800 of the $5500 I raise on my ActBlue page for her.

    The problem is if the candidates that run here aren’t good enough for the KDP and the DCCC they need to get off their duff and recruit one that is and quit crapping on the candidates grassroots folks here run.

    Just my opinion though, I have been wrong before..