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I guess Ford Motor Co. bigwigs didn’t get the memo from Matt Bevin, Kentucky’s almost-governor.

Bevin, who will be sworn in Tuesday, says a lot of companies don’t want to invest in Kentucky because we’re not a “right to work” state. He claims the absence of RTW is costing the commonwealth dearly in jobs.

But Ford Motor Co., one of the world’s largest corporations, is investing $1.3 billion at its Kentucky Truck Plant on Chamberlain Road near Louisville so the facility can start making the brand-new aluminum-body 2017 F-series Super Duty pickup trucks. The result will be 2,000 new jobs at the plant.

The ripple effect will create another 80,000 jobs, said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of the Americas, according to Louisville WLKY TV’s Mark Vanderhoff.

“The Detroit automaker has steadily added capacity to its Chamberlain Lane facility and at Louisville Assembly Plant on Fern Valley Road since the economic downturn,” wrote the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Grace Schneider. “In 2014, Ford invested $80 million to boost production of Super Duty trucks at KTP.”

She added that Ford “also spent $129 million to start production of the Lincoln MKC, a mid-sized SUV, at Louisville Assembly Plant. That means an investment in the region of more than $1.5 billion during the last two years.”

Hourly workers at the two plants, which employ more than 9,000 people, belong to United Auto Workers Local 862.

I wouldn’t bet the farm that Ford’s big-time faith in its unionized Bluegrass State factories will change Bevin’s mind about RTW. He’s a far right-wing ideologue whose notion of “free enterprise” means union-free.

The union-busting Bevin says passing RTW will be a top priority of his administration.



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