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I have many health problems including a prosthetic leg. I have to fight to get a new leg when I need it.

I can apply for a motorized wheelchair, they will not let me have one because they say if I have the leg I have no need of the chair. I am having a knee operation on the other leg because of the wear and tear of walking. I will need a motorized wheelchair more than ever and I do not understand why I am not eligible to get one. Not to mention there are several presciptions that I have to jump through hoops to get. And several are not covered that I would die without. I am diabetic and they are now limiting my test strips. I have to have a physicians authorization (or PA) for everything I need. Even when I take a written prescription to a pharmacist has to call to verify PA before I can attain my medicines. I have been fortunate to find a pharmacist who understands my circumstance. But before I was being turned away from Wal-Mart pharmacie without my meds. Frustrating to say the least. The Wal-Mart pharmacy promises good service but falls very short of that mark. Obama has promised to inmprove heathcare for all I hope that includes me!! I can sure use the help!




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  1. exactly what you’re saying. Our health care system is a joke and we need to continue to fight for a better system. Hang in there and let’s keep the pressure on our elected representatives.Thanks for stopping by a posting.

  2. That’s what partially privatizing it has done.  You no longer qualify for benefits despite clearly needing them.  Obama now wants to succeed where the shrub failed, and target Social Security next.  He’s also proposing privatizing the Veterans’ Administration, and the rubber stamp Congress is likely to help him do it.

    Obama’s as bad as Bush in that regard.

    Clearly, we need to replace any and every member of Congress, senator and representative alike, who supports this lunacy.  Which state do you live in, and who do you know who might be able and inclined to run next year whose record matches progressive rhetoric?  If such a candidate exists, help get that person in office.  It doesn’t matter which political party he or she is running on; what matters is the person’s record.