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I had the opportunity to shoot video of Congressman John Conyers May 30, 2009 and he warned us that Barack Obama was back tracking on his Health Care reform commitments. John Conyers was right. It's too bad we didn't listen. I quote Congressman Conyers: “What kind of Healthcare are we going to get?” I'm here to predict you get the kind of healthcare you deserve, not the kind you ought to have, not the kind that you want, but it's all going to depend on you.”

That video is after the hump

Conyers had this to say about Barack Obama:
” We seem to be getting an inordinate amount of reverse advice giving.”
“Well, listen to Amy Goodman.” She's got the tapes of him making some of the most brilliant remarks in Support of HR 676 that anybody has ever made, but he ain't making them now.” Watch The video below.



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