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I ran across this web page at one of the forums I frequent and I gotta ask, when were we going to hear about it?

I know there are several groups in Kentucky claiming to be for single payer health care and I've contacted them so I know they have my e-mail address, why did I just find out this caravan was going to be in Louisville on the 22nd?

Someone seems to be dropping the ball. we need people there, a lot of people there. We need to be getting the word out. Go to their web site watch the video, It's long but worth it. They tell it like it is and even made me change some thinking on things such as tort reform.

I don't believe tort reform will cure eveything but I can see where with single payer there will be no need because the medical liability will be taken over by the government. They will pay for whatever it takes.


Check them out and see what you think.

On September 8, 2009 a group of dedicated Oregon physicians will take the message of Universal Health Care “on the road” in a wrapped and branded Motor Home headed for Washington D.C. Our cross-country mission: to stop in big cities and whistle stops alike, conducting pre-booked, local and national media appearances for a curious press. Every move we make along the way will be recorded on camera and then edited and uploaded to the internet that same day. This will allow our Mad As Hell Doctors Tour to leverage the edited video segments on social networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, et al. In this way, our effort becomes an unprecedented hybrid of reality television and political activism that offers people the opportunity to follow us, in real time, as our story unfolds. The message will be unmistakable: caravan with us to Washington and help make a public demonstration of support for Single Payer Health Care that will be heard around the world.





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  1. Is a joke. They already got Tort Reform and it did not help. Tort Reform is a Conservative smokescreen to limit redresses through the courts. They will use any opportunity to try and push more through.

    Thanks for another diary!!