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I guess Republican gubernatorial hopeful Matt Bevin has never heard the old admonition against arguing with folks who buy their ink in barrels.

The same might be said for folks with a microphone in hand and a TV camera rolling behind them.

After sparring with Democrat Jack Conway at the recent state chamber of commerce meeting, Bevin accused a Louisville WAVE TV reporter of being in cahoots with his foe.

“I’m taking questions from people that are not working for the Conway administration,” Bevin snarled at the gent from the Fourth Estate. “Other questions?”

The reporter, Theo Keith, tried to ask Bevin which state properties he would sell if he got elected.

Bevin did not elaborate on his charge that Keith was in the Conway camp.

No doubt, Bevin’s blast at a guy from the “liberal media” will be juicy red meat for his reactionary, conspiratorial, union-hating, tea party-John Birch Society base. The far right fringies love it when one of their own unloads on a poor reporter.

Bevin’s persona matches his politics. His snarling, how-dare-you retort to Keith dovetails with his social Darwinist, libertarian, selfishness-is-a-virtue, bare-knucks union-busting politics.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Bevin can keep his cool with reporters – and on the stump with Conway — at Fancy Farm, where the weather, the barbecue and the heckling are hot.

Ask ex-senate president David Williams, whose politics and personality are Bevinesque.

When he ran for governor on the GOP ticket four years ago, Williams, who is about as cuddly as a prickly pear cactus, fired back at a heckler and came off looking considerably less than gubernatorial.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear buried the intemperate Williams in a landslide that November.



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