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I went to the National Tea Party Convention, in Nashville Tennessee, and paid $368.42, including service fee and a $18.00 parking fee on top of that bringing the total to $386.42. As you can see in the photo below, this was a very conservative, or should I say skimpy meal meal with a very liberal price. Hell if these folks were running the country a “Big Mac” would cost $200.00 or more. I was so hungry after leaving the banquet I stopped by McDonnell’s and got a “Big Mac” and some fries.

The $18.00 parking fee didn’t seem to bother the National Tea Party Convention folks. They used the more expensive Valet parking. Now that’s what I call grassroots liberal spending at a conservative event. See The photo below.

I went to this event hoping to find out what makes these folks tick and believe me I found out. When I talked to people about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) I felt I was back in the 60’s. Remember hearing folks saying in the 60’s I’ve got a black friend but…… and then rattle off some Biblical scripture, that wasn’t even in their Bible, to justify segregation? That’s the sort of stuff I was hearing at this event about Gays. They’ve got it down pat. Quote a little bit of Jesus and get out the waterboards!

Being a video blogger I was disappointed that I didn’t have a press pass to shoot video so you could actually see and hear some of the answers I was getting from folks, but I did manage to get some iPhone video footage of Orly Taitz and I felt she pretty much represented the views of many of the Tea Party folks and according to Orly Taitz , that includes Sarah Palin, her Facebook friend. Orly Taitz and many of her fellow Tea Party activist seem to believe Barack Obama is not a legitimate President because of this Birth and he has 39 social security numbers.

So what did I learn? like I’ve said before. These folks are serious, they believe in what they are doing, and will be a force to be reckoned with. As Sarah Palin put it “The Blue Dog Democrats Are Peeking under our tent.” I believe that’s an understatement, the Blue Dog Democrats are already in the tent. The Health Care debate proved that.

Can you hear me now? It’s time for progressives to get off their asses or suffer the consequences.




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  1. A narcissistic cheerleader from Alaska who is too dumb to know the difference between O’Biden and Biden, so she just uses the name “Joe” to refer to the Vice President of the United States.


    How about the Russian immigrant Dentist/Lawyer who resides in California that looks like she put her head in a gallon of bleach? She doesn’t know where President Obama was born but she can rest assured that it wasn’t in the United States. What an airhead.

    You teabaggers can keep electing tax dodging Palin, Communist China McConnell, and listening to the bleach blonde (careful about those roots). If you think that this will make the United Sates a better place you’re all nuts.

    Just keep putting money in the teabag organizer’s pockets and one day you will have paid enough stupid tax to realize just what the tea party is about.