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In another consequence of the horrible Supreme Court ruling that allows Corporations and PACs free reign to buy Democracy defeated Senator Norm Coleman has found a particular disgusting way to lie to voters. In a round of ads run by his PAC Norm Coleman is being brutally dishonest to voters in an attempt to buy a Republican majority. How you may ask?? By using a favorite Republican pill, Viagara and a vote that actually took place in the Senate.

Here is the situation as reported by Political Correction:

In March 2009, during the latter part of the debate over health care reform, Senate Democrats were working to pass a reconciliation bill without a myriad of amendments. Senate Republicans then offered a variety of amendments with the seeming intention of forcing Democrats to vote against common sense legislation – such as an amendment introduced by Sen. Coburn that would, according to Politico, “prevent the newly created insurance exchanges from using federal money to cover Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for rapists, pedophiles and other sex offenders.”  

The reform bill was ultimately passed (without Coburn’s or any other last minute Republican amendments) and signed into law by President Obama.


Now, even though this vote took place in the Senate, Norm Coleman and his PAC are screwing the truth by running ads that attack certain Democrats because they “voted to pay for Viagara for those convicted of sexual crimes”. It appears these folks did not pass ninth grade civics and do not know the House and Senate are seperate bodies, or more likely are just shameless power-hungry liars:

Even though the “Viagra” vote occurred in the Senate, Coleman’s AAN has produced several ads blatantly lying about votes cast by congressional Democrats.  In ads attacking Reps. Wilson, Murphy, Himes, and Titus, AAN asserts that these representatives voted in favor of allowing health care reform to pay for Viagra for those convicted of sexual crimes.

This, even when the House never voted on this idiocy and super-hypocrite Tom Coburn did not even include this provision in his own version of healthcare:

The Coburn amendment never made it to the House, so it is literally impossible that the members in question could have voted on it. Meanwhile, Coburn’s concern about sex offenders was so disingenuous that he didn’t even include the Viagra provision in his own health care bill.  But unsurprisingly, AAN and Coleman have jumped at the chance to turn last spring’s ridiculous political gamesmanship into dishonest political attack ads anyway.

Now, while this shows us what we have known here for a long time, Republicans can only get hard by lying, hording money, and screwing the American middle-class one thing should be painfully obvious. The Supreme Court and America are allowing too much money, and too much influence from too many dishonest people to effect our Democratic processes. It is far past time that America realizes that money is not “free speech”. What about those of us who do not have tens of thousands of dollars to allow liars to accumulate millions?? Is our “free speech” not just as imporatant as the Corporations or the Chamber of Commerce??

Evidently to the Supreme Court and the Republican Party it is not. They are so desperate to take the government back over and continue the work they started dividing and destroying the American middle-class that nothing is off the table. Until we stand up and demand a real Republic again, nothing will be. It is sorry state of affairs in an America that is slipping so far away from the truth and justice that we may never come back.

Especially if the modern Republican Party of zealots get their way and get to buy the America they want, an America our forefathers would not recognize and would truly despise.  



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