Finding Rural Progressives


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I live in a 28 county congressional district and want to organize the progressive vote.  First I need to find the Progressives.  I'm wondering if a Facebook group would be a good step to take.  I look forward to your advice.

Community Guidelines


Our goal here is to expose right wing bigots and promote progressive activism. We understand there will be differences of opinion as to how that can be accomplished. It's in that spirit we welcome all points of view, with the exceptions listed below.

We realize that politics can become heated and in the heat of those moments we sometimes say, write and do things we wish we could take back that's why we're requesting that comments be related to the post and be made only after careful consideration.
Comments are expected to be concise and not lengthy excerpts from news articles or your own work use blockquote and links for this and respect “fair use“.

Comments that are: ethnic insults, classist, demeaning, racist, sexist or homophobic, simply will not be tolerated and will be deleted without notice.

We will encourage new bloggers to join our community knowing full well that some will be more experienced than others and there may even be some that have never blogged before. It will be our policy to encourage and help the new and inexperienced reach their full potential and give the experienced community members more responsibility and leeway.

Ok these are the guidelines and they will be revised from time to time. Now let's get to work and take rural America back.

Thanks a million.

Chris Van Hollen and Harry Reid


You know, I have some news for Chris Van Hollen and Harry Reid. We are not the Republicans and don’t fall blindly behind people who talk sweet to our face and proceed to destroy what we believe in. If you really want us to stop critisizing Democratic lawmakers and threatening to primary them, tell them to stand up and grow a pair. Tell them to fight for the progress that we so desperately need in this country instead of trying to be Republicans in Democrats clothing.

I say to Mr. Van Hollen, Harry Reid and any other Democrat in the leadership that if you cannot support things like Universal Healthcare for the 50 million Americans that don’t have it, or the Employee Free Choice Act for Americans that aspire to make the middle-class after you vote yourself a raise every year on cue, then you NEED to be primaried and removed by a more serious Democrat that has some guts.


I would also like to note that this is the same Chris Van Hollen that I begged to help us in KY-01 when everyone told me this district should be conceded in 2008. Despite their “wisdom”, I as an amateur was able to raise over $5000 for my candidate, Heather Ryan who then commenced to win almost 100,000 votes the most by any candidate that ever ran against Ed Whitfield. With your help Mr. Van Hollen, and the help of other established Democratic organizations we may very well have had a REAL Democrat in office no “liberal” group would be trying to primary.

So instead of lecturing me because I want to change our country, try standing up and fighting for our military, our uninsured, and our workers whose wages have stagnated and whose 401ks have vanished, and now face the prospect of the unemployment line.

This reminds me of what John Edwards told us in Columbus, KY.:

Welcome To Hillbilly Report!!


It was an honor when Hillbilly asked me to join him on Jim is one hell of a Kentucky Progressive, and I consider him one of the finest video bloggers in the nation. After I left Bluegrassroots, it was a thrill to get to work with Hillbilly, because he is the one Kentucky Progressive in the blogosphere I felt I had most in common with.

Here at, you will find that we are not afraid to tell it like it is. We are serious Progressives with the goal of turning rural red areas in our country blue once again. We will not mince words or sugar-coat the truth as we see it.

We are hoping to have a great membership of folks who can feel free to post their own thoughts in diaries. We hope to attract other talent and use this blog to make a real difference for rural Democrats, or any other Democrat facing a tough race.

As Administrators I think you will find that neither myself, or Hillbilly are looking to censor or delete anyone’s views even if we don’t agree with them. This is an open forum for rural Democrats, and we fully realize that even among Progressives we don’t always agree.

All I ask as an Administrator of this blog is that when we do disagree, we can do so in a respectable manner. Name-calling, and labeling folks that may disagree with you on certain issues is not only childish, but counter-productive to the greater cause of electing Democratic candidates in areas where they are needed most.

So please, lets all work for what we believe in, a Progressive agenda for rural America, and all of America for that matter. For the most part here, the only rules are lets get Democrats elected, and be nice to each other in the process.

I hope you will enjoy our blog and help us build it into a community that will make a difference.

So to everyone who comes in the next few days, welcome to, and feel free to post diaries. We can’t wait to hear from you!!!