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The verdict is coming in on the American people’s thoughts on the Republican plan to balance the budget on the backs of workers, seniors and children all while giving the very wealthy another huge break. And while polls show the American people are in a foul mood, and do not approve of President Obama’s job performance they show something else also. America thinks a lot less of Republican ideas and Republicans in Congress.  

It appears as if most Americans have seen through the Republican ruse to give themselves a free pass and want taxes on the wealthy to go up to help pay for the budget deficit:

Alarmed by rising national debt and increasingly downbeat about their country’s course, Americans are clear about how they want to attack the government’s runway budget deficits: raise taxes on the wealthy and keep hands off of Medicare and Medicaid.


The support for the wealthy to pay their fair share reached across the political spectrum although of course Republicans were opposed:

On tackling the deficit, voters by a margin of 2-to-1 support raising taxes on incomes above $250,000, with 64 percent in favor and 33 percent opposed.

Independents supported higher taxes on the wealthy by 63-34 percent; Democrats by 83-15 percent; and Republicans opposed by 43-54 percent.

Predictably, after watching Republicans throw a hissy-fit to extend tax cuts for the very rich, and Obama and the Democrats roll over instead of fighting, Americans opposed both Obama and Congressional Republicans:

Only 44 percent of voters approve of Obama’s job performance, while 49 percent disapprove. That was down from 48 percent approval in January, and marked the 17th straight month that his approval has been below 50 percent;

Only 30 percent approve of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job, while 63 percent disapprove.

One thing all Americans seemed to agree on?? Leave Medicare and Medicaid alone:

Voters oppose cuts to those programs by 80-18 percent. Even among conservatives, only 29 percent supported cuts, and 68 percent opposed them.

So what does this poll really show?? A huge missed opportunity for Obama and the Democrats. They could have stood with America over the misled agenda of Republicans in Congress but instead rolled over in cowardice.

With the majority of Americans supporting their ideas Democrats can no longer use cowardice as and excuse. If they do not fight for us now, they are complicit with Republicans in destroying our country and giving a free pass to those who destroyed our economy.

Gut check time is here and it is time our Democratic leaders fought for us.




Poll: Americans Pessimistic, Shun Republican Ideas — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t know what wedge issues are left over, but I’m sure the Repubs will find one or invent one to scare the tar outta middle class America. Anything at all will do – just so they can say the Dems are doing nothing about (or are supporting)_____________ (fill in the blank!).

  2. the Ryan plan calls for the very same cuts to the Medicare Advantage program Republicans decried during the 2010 elections.if a Democratic is for it, the Republican will be against it