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What does Jeff Fugate mean when he says?

Many in our modern times have tried to conserve what is left of this nation’s faith, morality, and liberty. However, America needs more than just a “Conservative Movement”; it needs a Movement of Restoration. America needs to “go back” to where it began – a return to its foundation.

Is Mr. Fugate using code words, reminiscent of the the Civil Rights movement? Does Mr. Fugate want to take us back to the time when women couldn't vote, and white folks owned slaves?  Would Mr. Fugate support a law like the one in Uganda to take care of his problem with Gays? Would Mr. Fugate like to take us back to the days of white sheets and robes? I ask these questions because Mr. Fugat's web site is so ambiguous.

What does Mr. Fugate mean when he says?

There are and have been forces at work which seek to take away the freedoms which were the very essence of our nation’s founding. Although the Bill of Rights states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” there have been many attempts by politicians to strip this right away completely. We must cry, Restore. When environmentalists can ruin the livelihood of a business like the coal mining industry, we must cry, Restore.

Does he mean Jesus wants us to pack guns? Is Mr. Fugate a mouth piece for the coal industry?

What does Mr. Fugate mean when he says?

Restore America of Kentucky is a patriotic organization determined to restore our country to full faith in God, family values, constitutional freedoms, and financial responsibility as in the days of our founding fathers. Dr. Jeff Fugate, Pastor of the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church of Lexington, KY, is the founder of Restore America of Kentucky.

Does Jeff Fugate mean only Christians are Patriotic, and God has given him the definition of patriotism?

Finally, I have to ask.

Was Jesus a liberal radical Mr. Jeff Fugate? Mr. Jeff Fugate are you being paid or are you spreading your message like Jesus did, for free? Do all the members of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church agree with you or do they agree with Jesus? Mr. Jeff Fugate are you just another Jesus talkin', evil walkin', fear spreadin', corporate lovin', money chasin', Wall Street investin', Obama hatin' preacher with a personal agenda to enrich yourself?

Is This the best video you could put together Reverend?








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