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Rand Paul was out of his friendly Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce environment Sunday 10-17-2010 during his debate at the University of Louisville and showed his frustration by refusing to shake hands with Jack Conway.

It's obvious Rand Paul is more comfortable in the safe confines of a Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce debate where the folks asking questions are, what I consider, FOX friendly right wingers with an agenda to get Rand Paul elected.

The 10-14-2010 Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce debate media panel included Donna Groves of WKYQ, WKYX Radio  and  News Director for the West Kentucky Star. Bill Bartleman of the Paducah Sun. We've posted several articles about Donna Groves, click here, here and here to view them (don't be surprised when some of the links to her are no longer available). Mike Mallory of WPSD was also on the media panel.

Donna Groves is the News Director for WKYX News Talk
. The programming for WKYX News Talk includes The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, Laura Ingraham, Best of The Glenn Beck Show, Rush Limbaugh Weekend Show just mention a few. What does that have to say about her?

Bill Bartleman a reporter for the Paducah Sun seems to have privileged access to Rand Paul as we have documented here. If you recall, the day before the 10-14-2010 Paducah Area Chamber Commerce debate Bill Bartleman was granted access to Rand Paul's Tour Bus for an exclusive interview and was the first one to ask a question during the debate and his question was “Do you support the Employee Free Choice Act.” Was I surprised? No.

It should be noted WPSD was also at the Rand Pul event the day before the debate and had exclusive video access to Rand Paul.

These seem to be the folks (Paducah Area Chamber Commerce) that Rand Paul feels comfortable with and he seems to loose it when he has to answer real questions from, what I consider, real journalist like the ones at the Sunday 10-17-2010 debate at the University of Louisville.

I've seen how Rand Paul supports and Rand Paul staffers act fist hand and have documented it here, here and here. It's my opinion they're nothing but wannabe bullies with an arrogance mindful of a spoiled kid that has the only basketball on the playground and if you don't do what they say, they take their basketball and go home.




Rand Paul A Spoiled Arrogant Wannabe Bully That Just Can't Take The Heat In A Real Debate — 5 Comments

  1. Since this race started,Paul has answered only a few questions.Now with the help of” McMoney”, he has told him not to say anything.I can’t believe anyone in this poor, dumb uneducated state could vote for this man without finding out something about him.He is not from Ky. He is from Texas.Why he picked us I have no clue. I do wish he would go home!!!We will be the laughing stock of the nation if this man is elected.Vote with common sense,please. Vote Conway!!!  

  2. I just love lil Rand crying his lil head off and saying he won’t show up at the KET debate cuz that mean old Jackie hurted his feelings.

    I hate sexist expressions like “man up,” but I will say that Rand Paul is not ready for prime time. I wish Jack Conway would take advantage of this and make a quick couple of ads quoting poor little Rand (saying he won’t show at the next debate), with a quick cut to a baby crying.

    Sorry, little boy. We know your feelings got hurt so badly that you had to make an ad telling us all that you have Christ in your heart. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it’s quite an enticing tug on the heartstrings of Jewish voters (snark!). You should probably add that you’re not a warlock, and then tell us what brand of facial tissue you use to wipe those tears off your face.

    Politics is rough. That’s how it’s always been. If you’re not ready for it, go home. You signed up for it, lil Rand, so put up and shut up or quit the race.