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I really didn't realize how much of a liberal I was until I started working at Louisvilles largest hospital. My experiences here have been one short of what we used to call workplace harrassment but I soon found out that didn't apply here.

Don't get me wrong, I like what I'm doing at the hospital and I'm good at it but I wish I could leave. If it weren't for the fact that I'm 60 soon to be 61years old, I can't just up and quit a job like I used to or I'd be gone.

I've worked in three different departments and have encountered political prejudice in every one. My first boss was the worse, I can't prove it but I'm almost sure he knew why I came up with 2 gallons of water in my gas tank. The circumstances were right. He'd been making comments about my car being old and how it may start causing me trouble and he parked right next to me, like I said all circumstantial but viable none the less. Once he called a meeting and gathered all the office personal up from. He produced a survey and asked that I answer his questions. When it became clear the survey was of a political nature he folded it up and went back to his office leaving all of us dumb founded. I later found that it was a survey that Congressman Ann Northup had sent out. He'd gone home at lunch and gotten his mail, I didn't get mine till I got home that evening.

 My next position wasn't as bad but still there were some over bearing conservatives that just couldn't bear the fact that I was a Democrat. The receptionist would play WHAS radio all day long so one day I walked up to her desk and asked if there was anything else besides Rush Limbaugh that she could play, to which she replied “What? You must be a liberal” and thats how it was in there. All of a sudden myt boss transfered and I'm sure my new boss had orders to get rid of me so I asked to transfer.

 My current job is the real puzzler. You would think the men I work with would be Democrat if not liberal but there are maybe 4 Democrats to 20 Conservatives These guys are the craftsmen the plumbers, HVAC, electricians, painters etc. I was amazed at how many of them were rightwing conservatives, anti union neocons. Like today it takes a lot sometimes to keep my cool. At break there were a bunch of them and they all ganged up and started in badgering me. I eventually got up and went in the other room. They were like a bunch of school kids. I really feel uncomfortable there at times.

Has anyone else had experieneces like this and how do you handle it anymore? 




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  1. It borders on insanity in that shop at times. One guy is sure he knows everything because he heard it on Fox news, another guys argument is always “he heard it from a friend” or “someone said they saw it” etc, etc

    It’s so annoying trying to reason with them…

  2. for health care if they lost their job?

    I have a brother in law who is a right wing nut job, he’s retired Air force, he was working a part time job and got fired

    I asked him if he thought some of the racist joke had got sent back to his boss !!! you know he quit sending me the shit LOL

    they make a nanny cam that in a pen.


  3. Luckily for me, the only Conservatives I work with I have already creamed in arguments so the leave me alone. Are there some higher ups you can report the Conservatives that harass you too?? You should not be subjected to harassment at work for anything including political ideology and you should be able to get something done about it.

    Hang in there and thanks so much for the diary!!

  4. How these people think. I’m determined to find something to do on the net from home that will pay me what I need to be able to stay home and work.

    If we had universal health care I could afford to do it.

  5. I found this site this morning and hope it will save me $$$ in therapy bills, I can’t tolerate the ignorance of the right anymore. I work with half and half so I do have some support but the world according to Rush has got to stop. I don’t have it as bad as you and for that I feel your pain. I live in redneckville in Northern MN. Guns, God and Rush are the mainstays in my neck of the woods. I want to get through the Healthcare vote tomorrow and maybe then life can go on. Good luck my fellow libs!

  6. They fired me last week. I’m working up a really nice diary that I’m going to post everywhere. People need to see the Health care industry from the inside.