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The Iraq war, tax cuts of the wealthy, handouts to Wall Street fat cats, stimulus plan due to corporate greed. Are any of these revenue neutral? Nope. Did our representatives in Washington D.C., Democrats and Republicans, approve of them? You betcha. So why all the fuss about real Health Care Reform being revenue neutral even though 72% of us want a Public Option Plan? Do our representatives in D.C. think we are stupid. Yup! Do they think they can manipulate us? Yup! Will they get away with it? If history is our guide, they sure will. Is it all about money? Yup!  Money for them or money for us? Money for them! So what's going on here? Let's take a look at the at this.

The Lobbist

The Nation
With both the House and Senate looking to pass health care bills prior to the summer recess which begins August 8, now is the moment of truth for Democrats: will they offer a real public plan option to compete with private plans and drive down costs? Or will they cater to the healthcare industry which is now spending $1.4 million per day on lobbyists to protect their profits?

The Scare Tatictics

Rep. Paul Broun Outrageously Claims The Public Option “Is Gonna Kill People”

Think Progress
Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)  “…and that's exactly what's going on in Canada and Great Britain today.  They don't have the appreciation of life, as we do in our society, evidently.  And, um.  Dr. Roe, a lot of people are gonna die, this program of 'government option' is being touted as being this panacea, the savior of allowing people to have quality health care at an affordable price-  is gonna kill people.”

More Scary Stuff

Abc News
Despite President Obama's calls for health care reform legislation before congress leaves for its August recess, the GOP Senate minority whip told me today there is “no chance” it'll get done.
“Republicans very much want reform but not on the backs of the American people with the kind of taxes and potential rationing of care that would result,” Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., said, “There is no chance that it's going to be done by August.” 

More Scary Stuff

CBS News
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., faces a hard sell. During his campaign for president, Obama ruled out taxing health benefits provided by employers.
“I know that's an issue we have to work out with the president, but I think it's an issue we will work out,” said Baucus, who is among several Senate Democrats scheduled to meet with Obama Tuesday afternoon.
Baucus says the tax-free benefit packages Americans now enjoy are a big factor in the high costs of the country's health care system, because they provide workers free or low-cost access to too many health care services.

The Blue Dog Bitches Democrats

The so-called Democratic Blue Dog Coalition, an influential faction within the majority party, also said they had “strong reservations about the process and direction” of the proposed legislation.
“Paying for health care reform must start with finding savings within the current delivery system and maximizing the value of our health care dollar before we ask the public to pay more,” they said.

Click here to read the Blue Dog letter.

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Administration
Rep. Baron Hill (IN-09), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Policy
Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA-03), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications
Rep. Heath Shuler (NC-11), Blue Dog Whip
Altmire, Jason (PA-04)
Arcuri, Mike (NY-24)
Baca, Joe (CA-43)
Barrow, John (GA-12)
Berry, Marion (AR-01)
Bishop, Sanford (GA-02)
Boren, Dan (OK-02)
Boswell, Leonard (IA-03)
Boyd, Allen (FL-02)
Bright, Bobby (AL-02)
Cardoza, Dennis (CA-18)
Carney, Christopher (PA-10)
Chandler, Ben (KY-06)
Childers, Travis (MS-01)
Cooper, Jim (TN-05)
Costa, Jim (CA-20)
Cuellar, Henry (TX-28)
Dahlkemper, Kathy (PA-03)
Davis, Lincoln (TN-04)
Donnelly, Joe (IN-02)
Ellsworth, Brad (IN-08)
Giffords, Gabrielle (AZ-08)
Gordon, Bart (TN-06)
Griffith, Parker (AL-05)
Harman, Jane (CA-36)
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (SD)
Hill, Baron (IN-09)
Holden, Tim (PA-17)
Kratovil, Jr., Frank (MD-01)
McIntyre, Mike (NC-07)
Marshall, Jim (GA-03)
Matheson, Jim (UT-02)
Melancon, Charlie (LA-03)
Michaud, Mike (ME-02)
Minnick, Walt (ID-01)
Mitchell, Harry (AZ-05)
Moore, Dennis (KS-03)
Murphy, Patrick (PA-08)
Nye, Glenn (VA-02)
Peterson, Collin (MN-07)
Pomeroy, Earl (ND)
Ross, Mike (AR-04)
Salazar, John (CO-03)
Sanchez, Loretta (CA-47)
Schiff, Adam (CA-29)
Scott, David (GA-13)
Shuler, Heath (NC-11)
Space, Zack (OH-18)
Tanner, John (TN-08)
Taylor, Gene (MS-04)
Thompson, Mike (CA-01)
Wilson, Charles (OH-06)

Revenue Neutral? Really!

The New York Times Economic stimulus refers to the use of fiscal policy — government spending or tax measures — to support or revive an economy in recession. In February 2008, as signs of a slowdown emerged, Congress passed a $168 billion package of tax cuts and rebates. Later in the year, after Wall Street crumbled and economic ac
tivity contracted sharply, Democrats called for a far larger stimulus, and after his election as president, Barack Obama declared that what he preferred to call a “recovery” package would be his top priority.
On Jan. 28, 2009, the House of Representatives passed an $819 billion stimulus plan by a vote of 244 to 188. The measure passed without a single Republican vote in favor. Intensive negotiations in the Senate led three moderate Republicans to lend their support to an $838 billion version of the bill, getting Democrats over the 60-vote hurdle needed to prevent a filibuster. Final passage of the Senate measure on Feb. 10 by a 61 to 37 vote was followed by a whirlwind round of negotiations with the House that produced agreement the next day on a $789 billion final version of the bill. Read more.

Now that we know Revenue Neutral is a bunch of Bulls*?! It's time for real Health Care Reform and while their at it they can start prosecuting Dick Cheney!



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