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The Republican Party thinks that it can reclaim Congress by saying how wasteful the Democrats are and how they disrespect the will of the American people. Well, it seems as if the Republicans really know how to waste some money in style. Yes, they have no problems disrespecting their own donors by jetting around in style and holding “Eyes Wide Shut” orgies. Ah, those Republican Christian values!!

Yes, just look at all the moral, ethical and responsible ways that Republican leaders choose to spend their donors money:

The Republican National Committee spent about $30,000 in February on private airplanes and limousines. But those charges were overshadowed by the $1,946.25 charge at Voyeur West Hollywood, which was described by The Los Angeles Times last year as a “high-end nightclub” with an interior “reminiscent of the masked orgy scene” from the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Meanwhile, the F.E.C. filings show some $17,500 spent on private jets in February, in addition to more than $12,500 on limousines, which could add to the perception that Mr. Steele has expensive tastes. The filings also list several charges of well over $1,000 at hotels in Washington and elsewhere.


Gee, that does not sound like the party of Christian values or fiscal restraint to me. Something tells me Jesus would not want to join in a Republican orgy with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The DNC was quick to attack:

“If limos, chartered aircraft and sex clubs are where they think their donor’s money should be spent – who are we to judge?” asked Brad Woodhouse, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. “But, this controversy shouldn’t give voters much confidence in Republicans when they say they want to be put back in charge of federal spending – not that their performance the last time they were in charge would have engendered any confidence in the first place.”

Indeed. In fact we are still trying to clean up the huge mess those very Republicans made and they are still doing their best to stop us. If America thinks this is the party of Christian values or fiscal restraint they better think again.




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