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"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
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"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
A Jim Pence Quote

The Real Reasons Behind Right to Work Propaganda

by: RDemocrat

Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 00:18:11 AM EST

With Michigan adopting Right to Work laws continuing the War on American workers the right wing continues to spread myths and downright lies about the facts of what these laws do and what they accomplish. They have convinced many Americans Right to Work laws will create jobs. They always fail to mention the damage these laws do to workers, our economy and America as a whole. Of course with this bunch it always boils down to the same old reasons.
RDemocrat :: The Real Reasons Behind Right to Work Propaganda
Listen to right-wing foghorns Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. They are always blowing hot air about something or another and it is always something that is bad for our country as a whole. Here they are discussing Right to Work and the Michigan protests:

Yes as usual these two have a problem with any working American actually expected to share in the profits they work to create. And while they are entitled to be selfish, uncaring and idiotic they are not entitled to their own facts.

Despite their Corporate propaganda spewed forth like gospel the truth remains. Of course they do not want working Americans to know it. They are invested in the redistribution of our wealth to them. And the simple truth is Right to Work laws hurt workers and our country as a whole. They do not create jobs either.

Their argument on "job creation"  boils down to this. Since union workers get to negotiate fair wages and make more money companies will be more attracted to states with further weakened unions since they will not have to pay living wages and provide benefits. While since sounds good in theory, it simply does not work:

But in practice this low-road strategy for job creation just doesn't pan out. Despite boosters' promises of job creation, researchers find that right-to-work had "no significant positive impact whatsoever on employment" in Oklahoma, the only state to have adopted a right-to-work law over the past 25 years-until Indiana did so days ago-and consequently the best example of how a new adopter of right-to-work laws might fare in today's economy. In fact, both the number of companies relocating to Oklahoma and the total number of manufacturing jobs in the state fell by about a third since it adopted such a law in 2001.

Workers in "Right to Work" states indeed have the "right to work" for less. That is because unions not only uplift their members, but they help non-union workers as well:

Unions have a significant and positive effect on the wages and benefits of union and nonunion workers alike. Unionized workers are able to bargain for better wages,
benefits, and work conditions than they would otherwise receive if negotiating individually. The effect on the average worker-unionized or not-of working in a right-to-work state is to earn approximately $1,500 less per year than a similar worker in a state without such a law.

Workers in right-to-work states are also significantly less likely to receive employer-provided health insurance or pensions. If benefits coverage in non-right-to-work states were lowered to the levels of states with these laws, 2 million fewer workers would receive health insurance and 3.8 million fewer workers would receive pensions nationwide.

And what of these "small businesses" the Republicans and their propaganda spinsters are always trying to "protect". Right to Work laws actually hurt small businesses:

Since few small businesses are ever unionized, changing union regulations won't affect
them. Yet unlike big manufacturers who can choose which state to expand into, most small businesses are rooted in a local community and dependent on local consumers. When right-to-work laws lower the wages and benefits of area workers, they also threaten to reduce the number of jobs in the economy by reducing consumer demand.

The Economic Policy Institute estimates that for every $1 million in wage cuts, six jobs are lost in the service, retail, construction, real estate, and other local industries. For big manufacturers that sell their products all over the globe, this may be less important

But that is the ugly truth of the Republican propaganda. They do not really care at all about small business. They constantly seek to help enrich global corporations as they lower living standards in America and create slaves abroad. They care nothing of small businesses or those who create and work for them.

Worse yet, as they rail against all this supposed "power" unions have and how they exploit and force dues from workers consider this. Unions have been warred on for a few decades now and are already forced to play on an uneven playing field under a different set of rules:

Federal law already guarantees every worker who is represented by a union equal and
nondiscriminatory representation-meaning unions must provide the same services, vigorous advocacy, and contractual rights and benefits. This guarantee applies regardless of whether the employee is a union member. So if a non-dues-paying employee encounters a problem at work, the union is required to provide that individual full representation at no charge.

By contrast, the Chamber of Commerce and other employer organizations restrict some of their most valuable services to dues-paying members. When asked if they would agree to provide all services to any interested business, even if that business does not pay dues, Chamber representatives explained that they could not do that because dues are the primary source of Chamber funding and it would be unfair to other dues-paying members. And that certainly makes sense-for unions as well as the Chamber.

For the Republicans, far too many  Corporate Democrats and the entities they truly represent the goal is simple. They constantly try and blame working Americans for wanting to make a living. The truth of the matter is not one single union worker in America makes too much money. That is not has not and never will be the problem.

The problem is that everyone else makes too little. Everyone else has very few benefits and has no say whatsoever in whether they will ever make more money or have more benefits. They are completely at the mercy of people whose only goal is to work them to death and put as many of the wages they should compensate them with in their own pockets.

Which is the real reason Republicans and their blowhards love Right to Work laws. They take money from all of us and redistribute it directly to them.

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