A Rude Unhinging – a Political Body in Shock


By Ron Leach My medical colleagues will recognize the title – A Rude Unhinging – derived from Dr. Samuel Gross’ 1862 description of a rapidly deteriorating physiological state of the human body now known as shock; “the rude unhinging of … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin and the Fletcher Factor

By BERRY CRAIG Go ahead and call it wishful thinking, or whistling past the graveyard, on the part of this union card-carrying lifelong Kentuckian whose politics are left of liberal.  But I’m not the only one who sees a potential … Continue reading →

The Kentucky House Stands Alone

By BERRY CRAIG Jack Conway called the Kentucky governor’s election a race “between the mainstream and the extreme.” The extreme won. Governor-elect Matt Bevin’s extremism is nowhere plainer than in his hatred for unions. Before tonight, Gov. Steve Beshear and … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin reinvents himself, at least for Fancy Farm

By BERRY CRAIG “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,” Dr. Samuel Johnson famously observed. The celebrated 18th-century English man of letters was panning those who professed patriotism to mask their selfish ends. Anyway, at the Fancy Farm picnic, … Continue reading →