Here’s how unions endorse candidates

By BERRY CRAIG The union-haters would have John and Jane Q Citizen believe that “rich union bosses” shut rank-and-file union members out of the all-important candidate endorsement process. They paint a picture of a bunch of old, paunchy, bald-headed guys … Continue reading →

Activist Honi Marleen Goldman Is Calling Out Lawmakers Against Women

By BERRY CRAIG A Louisville social activist has started what she calls “a grassroots effort…to tell Gov. Matt Bevin and our legislators that Kentucky women will not be stripped of their progress and forced back into 1950.” Honi Marleen Goldman … Continue reading →

Press Release: Bernie Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods

Bernie 2016 February 8, 2016 MANCHESTER, N.H. – Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, issued the following statement in response to false claims by the Clinton campaign: “It is very disturbing that, as the Clinton campaign struggles through Iowa and … Continue reading →

Iowa Hillary Clinton’s Waterloo?

The National Democratic Party was ready to crown Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party heir apparent to Barack Obama just one year ago (January 31, 2015), in Iowa, with Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders 56% to 5% there. What a … Continue reading →