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"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
A Jim Pence Quote
"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
A Jim Pence Quote
Democratic Party

It Didn't Take 60 Senate Votes To Pass The 2001 And 2003 Tax Cuts For The Rich

by: Hillbilly

Mon Dec 06, 2010 at 13:00:24 PM EST

When it comes to taking care of the rich the difference between Democrats and Republicans is this: Republicans openly stand up and fight for their rich pals and Democrats take care of their rich pals while pretending to fight for the middle class.

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Kentucky Congressional Candidates Unwillingly Highlight Another Problem

by: RDemocrat

Mon Sep 20, 2010 at 00:51:48 AM EDT

As a lifelong Democrat that is Progressive and unashamed I can say one thing that many like me sincerely believe. Our party had a huge opportunity and dropped the ball. After being handed a huge election victory and mandate by the American people to clean up the messes and excesses of Republican rule what did we do?? We compromised and refused to fight for our true ideals. We sold out just enough to the other side and did not fight back hard enough and watered down all the promises we were to deliver on. Now, to most American voters we are little better than the other party that caused so many problems.  
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Bloggers Behaving Badly: Rayne at, Part Deux

by: Archangel M

Sat Sep 18, 2010 at 12:42:13 PM EDT

( - promoted by Hillbilly)

And the attacks on the left by the so-called left just keep on happening.  Rayne is at it again, this time using analysis of the failure of Howard Dean's organizational methods as cover for once again insulting the left.

Right off the bat, Rayne dismisses the left as being "poorly informed" about how and why the Democrat Party victories of 2006 and 2008 have gone once again to the very likely prospect of huge losses in 2010.

For the last several weeks there's been an increasing number of posts which bash all manner of Democrats, from the president to the party itself and plead for alternatives. The anger driving this bashing is understandable since the country's economy has floundered and promises made and values shared haven't been kept under a Democratic president with a Democratic majority in Congress.

The anger also stems from disillusionment; after the great double-emotional high of the first person of color and Democrat winning the White House in 2008, there was the expectation that winning could continue, sustained in terms of legislative initiatives.

But unfortunately, much of this anger is poorly informed. There's backstory which explains in part why we are here today.  . . .

I find it difficult to believe that, as someone who regularly posts on a blog that goes out of its way to inform its readers about what the far right in the Democrat Party does on a daily basis, Rayne would think the left is "poorly informed" about how and why we've gone from victory over the GOP to facing a repeat of '94.

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Bloggers Behaving Badly: Rayne at

by: Archangel M

Sat Sep 18, 2010 at 12:37:21 PM EDT

( - promoted by Hillbilly)

Over at, you'd better not post anything too critical of Israel.  Moderator and abuser of power Rayne will probably step in to disrupt the thread, issue threats, and order people to cease asking questions she doesn't like.

Rayne's latest round of abuse began when truthexcavator posted an entry on what turned out to be a five-year-old news article about an israeli soldier acquitted of murdering a 13-year-old Palestinian by filling her body with enough bullets to drop a charging rhinoceros.  Truth made the horrendous mistake of comparing what Israel is doing to palestinians to what the Nazis did to Jews during the Holocaust.

I was shocked when I heard about this story, but I am less shock of the verdict by the Israeli Army. I'm passed the point of getting mad at Israel. I don't even think of it as a country anymore. I wish it was a country because the Jewish people deserve better. But it's not a country, just as Nazi Germany wasn't a country.
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At What Point ...

by: Sapient

Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 16:36:13 PM EDT

( - promoted by Hillbilly)

... does the national leadership of the Democratic Party stop allowing the conservatives to set the rules of debate? 

 In my eyes, our largest failing has nothing to do with policies or ideology.  People that exercise their ability to reason can see that the conservative movement is a dead end.  The problem that we face is that we allow the other side of the aisle to choose the terminology and the phrasing of issues without challenging them.

 As long as they continue to claim the moral high ground without their hypocrisy being brought into the sunlight, they will always find support in the portion of our population that does not think, but reacts to buzzwords and sound bites.

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New Kentucky Democratic Party Leader Shows Our Party's Weakness

by: RDemocrat

Mon Jun 21, 2010 at 21:16:21 PM EDT

For a long time now we have had a problem in Kentucky. While our state has a wide majority of Democrats, we have several Congressional seats that remain Republican, have two Republican Senators, and vote on a national level in Presidential elections Republican. Now it appears as if we will have a leader of our state party who donated to the two worst Republicans of all, disgraced former Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Darth Vader of Kentucky politics, Mitch McConnell. To me, this shows the weakness of our party as a whole. There are too many apologists for the Corporate Republican ideology within our state and national party and the best thing they can do is leave our party, not lead it.
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A Platform You Can Believe In? The 2008 Democratic National Platform - Renewing America's Promise

by: Hillbilly

Sun Jun 13, 2010 at 00:13:27 AM EDT

Is The 2008 Democratic National Platform - "Renewing America's Promise" worth the paper it is written on? Do elected Democrats take this promise seriously? Did the builders of this Platform "Renewing America's Promise" do it with a wink and a smile knowing full well it was all bull shit? Maybe the Democratic Platform builders could just copy and paste the Republican Platform, because that seems to be what they really believe in.
Where were these platform builders and where was their outrage during the Health Care debate?
Want my opinion? OK here it is. The platform builders are all words and no action, in other words, bull shit artist hoping and praying we have short memories.
Let me make my case.
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Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak is running for Ohio Governor.

by: Archangel M

Sun Feb 21, 2010 at 14:51:56 PM EST

( - promoted by Hillbilly)

Being from Ohio, elections here are especially important to me as they have a more direct impact on the Buckeye State than do federal elections.  So it was heartening to read at that there is an independent candidate from the left who is running for governor and who isn't culled from the pools of Big Business.  His name is Dennis Spisak, and he is running for governor this year.  You can check out his web site by clicking this LINK.

Other candidates for governor are incumbent and Democrat Ted Strickland, Republican and businessboy John Kasich, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for U.S. president in 2000, and building contractor Ken Matesz on the Libertarian Party ticket.

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Is The Democratic Party Ball less And Clueless?

by: Hillbilly

Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 06:50:03 AM EST

  • How does a man like Joe Lieberman get away with campaigning for John McCain and still retain his Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairmanship?
  • Why do the Democrats allow Joe Lieberman to caucus with them?
  • Could it be the Democratic Party is the Party of no real values?
  • Why does the Democratic Party seek input from Republicans that are Hell bent on destroying them?
  • Does the Democratic Party really expect Progressives to be fired up and ready to go when the 2010 elections roll around?
  • What happened to "Don't ask don't tell?"
  • Was the 2008 election nothing but a political "Bait and Switch?"
  • Does the Democratic Party really believe Progressives will forget what was promised in 2008 and not remember what was delivered in 2009 and 2010?
I could go on forever with questions like these, but I think you get my drift.
Am I fired up and ready to go? No, I'm fired up and pissed off!
Feel free to ask your questions in comment section below.
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Our Tent May Be Too Large

by: RDemocrat

Wed Dec 09, 2009 at 21:22:30 PM EST

One thing that Democrats have always proclaimed about our party is that we have a "big tent". Within this big tent we have always excepted many different people from different walks of life. However, recent developments should show us all that sometimes a "big tent" is not the greatest thing in the world, especially in the world of politics. Perhaps we should consider the fact that quite possibly our "big tent" has outgrown itself.
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Ah, Healthcare: Death Awaits You in the House of Lords

by: RDemocrat

Sun Nov 08, 2009 at 19:49:44 PM EST

While the House version of Healthcare was far short of what I wanted, at least we did have an employer mandate, public option and a few other good things. It was an historic vote that would improve our current system some, but not nearly enough. Now, as the bill moves into the "House of Lords" we call the U.S. Senate a most certain and foul death awaits.
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Fired Up And Ready To Go? - Really?

by: Hillbilly

Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 02:23:53 AM EST

Fired up and ready to go? Only if you're a Tea Bagger or a Right Wing Coservative.
Gotta hand it to these folks, they are fired up and ready to go and the Progressive Democrats seem to be lazy, ready to sit on their rear ends and whine. Virginia, New Jersey and Maine are proof positive of lackadaisical, lazy, carefree Progressive Democratic efforts.
When I wrote this April 15, 2009, I wasn't kidding:
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The Real Weakness of Democrats

by: RDemocrat

Wed Oct 28, 2009 at 18:28:57 PM EDT

You know, living in a red area that has a Democratic tradition I constantly hear one thing when trying to persuade my neighbors to once again vote Democratic. Like a broken record again and again I get to hear how many people believe in a lot of what the Democratic Party stands for, but they see them as weak and afraid to fight for what they believe in once elected. They have little respect for a party they see as talking a good game and not having the conviction to carry through with it.
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Concession is NOT a Strategy

by: RDemocrat

Mon Oct 19, 2009 at 20:11:52 PM EDT

I hail from the red area of Western Kentucky as many know. This can have many frustrations in itself as we deal with not only Conservatives in our party who consistently vote Republican while registered Democrats, but we also are forced to deal with many in the national party ridiculing our unfunded efforts and writing us off as Democrats. I am sure many Democrats in other parts of the country feel the same way, ignored and powerless.
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Obama Speaks to Wall St. On Reform

by: RDemocrat

Mon Sep 14, 2009 at 21:08:47 PM EDT

A year after the folks on Wall St., coupled with Republican policies of greed crashed our economy into a ditch, Barack Obama was asking them to support his reforms aimed at not letting them do the same thing again. He has been urging Congress to pass new regulations on Wall St.
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It is Time to Fight

by: RDemocrat

Sun Jun 14, 2009 at 23:23:03 PM EDT

After last year's election it was worth celebrating just that the horrible Bush Administration was no longer going to be in power. However, during that time we all had actually hoped for a more Progressive vision in this country. Beginning in 2006, we motivated ourselves, dug deep into shallow pockets and delivered victory.
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Deeds Campaign Stuns Establishment

by: RDemocrat

Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 22:01:33 PM EDT

Something happened in the Democratic primary for Governor in Virginia. Despite having one candidate with the money and establishment support another candidate won. Creigh Deeds has won the Democratic nomination over Terry McAuliffe, and hopefully it may send at least a small message to our leadership.
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