Matt Bevin panders Yarmuth and Beshear stand on principle


By BERRY CRAIG At least Matt Bevin, the guy Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign called an “East Coast con-man” during last year’s GOP senate primary brawl, is a consistent panderer. On the campaign trail, it was homophobia. Now, its xenophobia. Kentucky’s reactionary, … Continue reading →

Give me that old time Social Gospel

By BERRY CRAIG On election night, House Speaker Greg Stumbo of Prestonsburg urged his fellow Democrats not to let Republicans “make people believe that we are not Godly people.” Republican Gov-elect Matt Bevin won with a big boost from Christian … Continue reading →

A Rude Unhinging – a Political Body in Shock

By Ron Leach My medical colleagues will recognize the title – A Rude Unhinging – derived from Dr. Samuel Gross’ 1862 description of a rapidly deteriorating physiological state of the human body now known as shock; “the rude unhinging of … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin and the Fletcher Factor

By BERRY CRAIG Go ahead and call it wishful thinking, or whistling past the graveyard, on the part of this union card-carrying lifelong Kentuckian whose politics are left of liberal.  But I’m not the only one who sees a potential … Continue reading →

The Kentucky House Stands Alone

By BERRY CRAIG Jack Conway called the Kentucky governor’s election a race “between the mainstream and the extreme.” The extreme won. Governor-elect Matt Bevin’s extremism is nowhere plainer than in his hatred for unions. Before tonight, Gov. Steve Beshear and … Continue reading →

An election ‘between the mainstream and the extreme’

By BERRY CRAIG If Kentucky votes like Marshall County High School students just did, Attorney Gen. Jack Conway will be the next governor. Conway, the Democratic hopeful, polled 339 votes to 204 for Matt Bevin, his Republican opponent. Independent Drew … Continue reading →


By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 Sam Youngman, the Lexington Herald-Leader’s political scribe, posed a quintet of questions about the election in the paper. They are all worth pondering. “1. Is boring brilliant?” Attorney Gen. Jack Conway, the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, has concentrated more … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin: “Angry,” arrogant,” “bitter”

By BERRY CRAIG “Angry,” arrogant,” “bitter,” “pompous,” “thin-skinned.” Add “lacks class” to those terms that describe Matt Bevin, the Republican who wants to be the Bluegrass State’s next governor. At the tail end of last night’s Kentucky Educational Television gubernatorial … Continue reading →

Capt. Matt Bevin’s white whale?

By BERRY CRAIG Somebody at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters in Frankfort changed that sign that drives Matt Bevin batty. “MATT BEVIN, NEXT TIME BRING YOUR TAX RETURNS,” is the new message. Bevin is the GOP gubernatorial hopeful. His Democratic opponent … Continue reading →

I’m glad Jack Conway is topping our ticket

By BERRY CRAIG I’m an old reporter. So I know it’s unwise to argue with folks who buy their ink in barrels. But Lexington Herald-Leader scribe Larry Dale Keeling is tad off base in his column about the recent gubernatorial candidate debate–or forum, or … Continue reading →