Kentucky Dems sponsoring contest to re-slogan that sign that drives Matt Bevin bonkers

By BERRY CRAIG Candidates commonly ply campaign volunteers with free food and soft drinks. Barbecue and sweet tea are big in my neck of the deep western Kentucky woods. Anyway, the Kentucky Democratic Party has come up with a novel … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin And Seniors On The Draw

By BERRY CRAIG In the gubernatorial candidate debate at Centre College, Republican Matt Bevin deviated slightly from his campaign MO: — He says something pretty strong. — He walks it back or claims he didn’t say it. — A reporter calls … Continue reading →

Capt. Matt Bevin’s white whale?

By BERRY CRAIG Somebody at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters in Frankfort changed that sign that drives Matt Bevin batty. “MATT BEVIN, NEXT TIME BRING YOUR TAX RETURNS,” is the new message. Bevin is the GOP gubernatorial hopeful. His Democratic opponent … Continue reading →

Dems sign still drives Matt Bevin bonkers

By BERRY CRAIG “WE STILL CAN’T TRUST MATT BEVIN,” the Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters sign still says.  Bevin still can’t trust himself with the sign. The GOP gubernatorial hopeful got miffed at the message again today. This time he stormed … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin bit the Democrats’ bait

By BERRY CRAIG Bait goes for naught if the fish won’t bite. The same is true for politicians. The other day, Matt Bevin, the GOP gubernatorial hopeful, bit on the Kentucky Democratic Party’s bait, namely the billboard at party headquarters … Continue reading →