Down-home hate from a Kentucky Republican


By BERRY CRAIG Mike Pape is one Republican candidate who has evidently sworn off dog whistle politics. The congressional hopeful from Kentucky has deep-sixed the coded words and is pandering, flat-out, to racism and xenophobia. His inaugural TV ad shows … Continue reading →

Times are tough for the ‘right to work’ crowd

By BERRY CRAIG Wheels keep coming off the “right to work” bandwagon. I can almost hear the union-busters crooning that old “Hee Haw” tune: Gloom, despair, and agony on me-e! Deep dark depression, excessive misery-y! If it weren’t for bad … Continue reading →

Ron Leach: Green Beret motto consistent with Democratic Values

By BERRY CRAIG I doubt Democratic senatorial hopeful Ron Leach will get much of a trade in for his 2015 Ford Focus. The ex-Green Beret medic-turned-physician’s-assistant-on-civvy-street has logged more than 12,000 campaign miles in his little compact car since he … Continue reading →

Here’s how unions endorse candidates

By BERRY CRAIG The union-haters would have John and Jane Q Citizen believe that “rich union bosses” shut rank-and-file union members out of the all-important candidate endorsement process. They paint a picture of a bunch of old, paunchy, bald-headed guys … Continue reading →

‘They had this thing teed up’

By BERRY CRAIG Kentucky State AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan says good candidates and a good union ground game added up to victory for a trio of labor-endorsed Democrats in the four special House elections. “Though he lost, we had a … Continue reading →