Climate Hawks Vote Endorses Sellus Wilder For U.S. Senate.

Click here to visit Sellus Wilder’s Wilder for Senate Facebook Page and here to visit his Wilder for Senate website. Some of you may be familiar with Sellus Wilder’s film “The End of the Line.” Climate Hawks Vote We’re delighted … Continue reading →

Mitch McConnell Seeking Social Security COLA Cut

CNN Mitch McConnell is seeking a reduction in cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security recipients and new restrictions on Medicare, including limiting benefits to the rich and raising the eligibility age, several sources said. In addition, the Kentucky Republican is eager … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin And Seniors On The Draw

By BERRY CRAIG In the gubernatorial candidate debate at Centre College, Republican Matt Bevin deviated slightly from his campaign MO: — He says something pretty strong. — He walks it back or claims he didn’t say it. — A reporter calls … Continue reading →

Be proud to pack a union card

By BERRY CRAIG I cast my first presidential ballot in 1968. Hubert Humphrey got my vote. He didn’t win, but the late Democratic Minnesota senator and vice president is one of my all-time favorite politicians. I often think of HHH, … Continue reading →

Did #BLM Shit In Their Own Mess Kit At Bernie Sanders Event?

Watch the video and you decide if the #BLM “shit in their own mess kit.” It appears the #BLM didn’t have any effect at his next event where 15,000 folks came to see and hear Bernie Sanders speak. The Washington … Continue reading →