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"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little vote for the so few with so much."
A Jim Pence Quote
"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
A Jim Pence Quote
Mitch McConnell

Senator Mitch McConnell Spent Father's Day With The Koch Brothers!

by: Hillbilly

Tue Sep 02, 2014 at 02:56:58 AM EDT

Who would rather spend father’s day with Charles and David Koch rather than his children and/or family? A Senator from Kentucky that’s who. Senator Mitch McConnell to be exact.

June 15, 2014 was father’s day and Senator Mitch McConnell seemed to be content to spend the day with David and Charles Koch rather than spending time with his children or family.

The Nation
What McConnell didn’t tell Politico was that two months ago, he made the same promise to a secret strategy conference of conservative millionaire and billionaire donors hosted by the Koch brothers. The Nation and The Undercurrent obtained an audio recording of McConnell’s remarks to the gathering, called “American Courage: Our Commitment to a Free Society.” In the question-and-answer period following his June 15 session titled “Free Speech: Defending First Amendment Rights,” McConnell says:

“So in the House and Senate, we own the budget. So what does that mean? That means that we can pass the spending bill. And I assure you that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what’s called placing riders in the bill. No money can be spent to do this or to do that. We’re going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board [inaudible]. All across the federal government, we’re going to go after it.” Read more.

Family values?

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Will Mitch McConnell Ask The FBI To Investigate Jesse Benton Like He Did Curtis Morrison?

by: Hillbilly

Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 02:31:59 AM EDT

Remember when Mitch McConnell accused folks of bugging his headquarters and asked for an FBI investigation?

Turns out Mitch McConnell’s headquarters wasn’t bugged and Mitch McConnell hasn’t apologized to Curtis Morrison for wrongly accusing him of such. Yes Curtis Morrison taped a conversation, but he didn't bug Mitch McConnell’s headquarters and any charges against him appear to have been dropped.

Now his campaign manager, Jesse Benton, has resigned as a result of a $73,000 bribe during Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign.

So why hasn’t Mitch McConnell asked the FBI to investigate Jesse Benton and make his life a living Hell like he did with Curtis Morrison?
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Razed Mayfield, Kentucky Tire Plant Is A Metaphor For Mitch McConnell's America


Mon Aug 25, 2014 at 10:48:56 AM EDT

Sen. Mitch McConnell knows he probably won’t get a lot of union votes on Nov. 4.

Oh, he’ll keep trying to grab as many as he can by pandering to so-called “social issues” like guns.  Neal Knox, a former NRA head, once bragged that the gun issue “is the one thing that will spin the blue-collar union member away from his union." (See “The Right Wing Attack on the American Labor Movement” by Joanne Ricca, who is retired from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

The NRA, which is cozy with anti-union groups like the National Right to Work Committee, has endorsed McConnell. (The NRTWC is in the senator’s corner, too.)

The unions of the Kentucky State AFL-CIO, many of whose members are hunters, have endorsed Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat who wants McConnell’s job. Meanwhile, McConnell, the supposed gun guy, has yet to accept Grimes’ challenge to meet her on a shooting range.

Anyway, everybody knows that voter turnout almost always goes down for mid-term congressional elections, compared to presidential elections. McConnell hopes a host of Kentuckians who pack union cards will be among those who won’t bother to go to the polls or who haven’t even bestirred themselves to register.

Team Mitch knows the odds: a union member who votes will likely go for Grimes. Thus, McConnell (and other like-minded anti-union candidates) nearly always benefit when union members don’t vote or don’t register to vote.
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CEO Forks Out Big Bucks After Breakfast With Mitch McConnell In The Capitol Senate Dining Room

by: Hillbilly

Fri Aug 22, 2014 at 18:12:16 PM EDT

National Journal
August 20, 2014 Only one week after Sen. Mitch McConnell took the CEO of Delta Air Lines to breakfast in the exclusive Senate Dining Room last month, the airline executive and his wife wrote $10,000 worth of checks to help fund McConnell's political operation. Read more.
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Mitch McConnell's Public Town Hall Meeting Turns Out To Be A Private Town Hall Meeting!

by: Hillbilly

Thu Aug 21, 2014 at 19:49:44 PM EDT

When a Mitch McConnell public town hall meeting, in Leitchfield, KY. August 21, 2014, was advertised on the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce website as being a town hall meeting for the public I didn’t believe it. So I called the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce and they told me it was open to the public and there would be room for about 200 people.

I was happy to hear that because I wanted to attend, with my camera/camcorder, and ask some questions. I arrived there early, after driving 40 miles. I waked in the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce office and asked the lady working there if the event was open to the public and she told me it was. I asked her if I would be allowed to shoot photos and video at the event and she told me she didn’t know.

The town hall meeting was going to be held at the Centre on Main directly behind the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce. It’s actually part of the same building and some folks were already going in. I noticed a young man going in with a tripod and camcorder and within a few minutes he came back out. I asked him if he was going to shoot video of the town hall meeting and he told me Leitchfield Mayor William H. Thomason told him it was a private meeting. I noticed other people leaving and they were saying the same thing, that Leitchfield Mayor William H. Thomason had told them that this was a private meeting.

Now I’m getting confused and a little frustrated. So I walk back to the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce office, that’s now full of folks waiting for Senator Mitch McConnell, to try and find out what’s going on and they told me that it is a private event sponsored by the mayor. Really, I thought Senator Mitch McConnell was sponsoring this. In any event see the uncut and unedited video below of us tracking down Mayor William H. Thomason. The video is unedited except for a screenshot of the public invitation.

After talking with Leitchfield Mayor William H. Thomason I decided to try and capture (see the video below) Senator Mitch McConnell arriving at the public/private (snark) town hall meeting he is hosting, and Leitchfield Mayor William H. Thomason is sponsoring and all the time I’m thinking no wonder Washington, D.C. is screwed up.

Senator Mitch McConnell arriving at the public/private town hall meeting.

To be honest the day wasn’t a total waste, because there were folks outside protesting Mitch McConnell and Mitch saw them when he pulled in. Click here to view photos of the protesters


Video of the protesters.




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Mitch McConnell Town Hall Protest Leitchfield, KY August 21, 2014. Photos And Video.

by: Hillbilly

Thu Aug 21, 2014 at 16:27:29 PM EDT

Protesters at a Senator Mitch McConnell's public town hall meeting that turned out to be a private town hall meeting when we tried to get in. Click here to view the photos.

Stay tuned we’ll have more on how Senator Mitch McConnell’s public town hall meeting turned out to be a private town hall meeting.


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Mitch McConnell To Speak At Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Wednesday August 27th

by: Hillbilly

Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 01:19:55 AM EDT

The Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce will host a Special Chamber Luncheon, Sponsored by CARTOWN KIA, on Wednesday August 27th at the RJ Corman Hanger. The featured speaker is Senator Mitch McConnell.
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Gene Nettles Letter To The Editor: Of Donkeys, Jennys And Jacks

by: Hillbilly

Mon Aug 18, 2014 at 07:00:00 AM EDT

Letter To The Editor
By Gene Nettles Hickman, Ky.

Of Donkeys, Jennys And Jacks

A major change occurred in Kentucky just a few years ago. For 350 years  the population had been rural, the change came when city and environs populations out numbered others. Often we long for a return to simpler times, times when neighbors were neighborly and all were alike in eking a living from farming. Forgotten are the callouses, sweat and blisters. Farm folks knew animals quite well, even the smallest tyke knew the difference between a donkey and a jack. Girls knew from experience that an old jack  was likely to bite or kick them. They little understood the vendetta the jack showed in singling them out. Times change but old jacks, such as the one we send to Washington,continue to bite and kick females. Just ask Ms. Ashley.

The old jack has an affinity for coal, we have his word on that. Unfortunately he does not share this affinity equally with miners and mine owners. He cozies up to the Kentucky Coal Association—a group of twenty two coal mine owner members such as Peabody Energy, Alliance, and Patriot---it is not surprising that there are no coal miners in their list of members as annual dues are as much as $12,000. This is the bunch who has foisted on Kentuckians the impression that they somehow represent miners. The results are 50,000 license plates with the motto “FRIENDS of COAL” when it should read “FRIENDS OF COAL BIG MONEY.” We have really been snookered. Miners deserve better.

The old jack has been a denier or negligent or an idiot to have sat on his rump in D.C. eating carrots fed to him by big money. Two decades of forecasts for diminished coal use, mining and burning with an attendant residual effects that are clearly harmful to children and other living things are not state secrets. A powerful jack could have used his influence to legislate retraining, education, and job opportunities for displaced miners. A diligent jack would have made an all out push to make “clean coal” clean. The exact opposite of concern for miners has been reported by in pointing out the “tag team” nature  seemingly existed between the old jack and his jenny. Any undesired coal action that got by the jenny could be buttonholed by the jack or simply kicked clean out of the pasture.

As chief overseer of for mine safety and health the jenny took a “relaxed” attitude in regulating coal mines according to reports per The old jack denied any interface with the jenny concerning mine oversight---what a horrible admission for an imitation champion of coal miners to make. Why did he not get out the buggy whip and get after the jenny to do the utmost to protect miners?

The old jack is now like all old jacks, crafty, sly, self aggrandizing, and  often  will bite and kick without purpose. He should be harnessed to a farm wagon, replete with a license plate reading”BIG COAL MONEY'S BEST FRIEND”, and confined to roam around the pasture, not needing to be “fixed” because he has done this to himself as reparation for his misdeeds  to Kentuckians and especially miners.  Unfortunately he will not be around to witness the misery, mayhem, and suffering that will come, the fruit of the seeds sown by  a jack who once wore the chief obstructionist crown.

Gene Nettles
Hickman, Ky
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Mitch McConnell Kentucky's Pied Piper Of Pandering


Sun Aug 17, 2014 at 18:07:03 PM EDT

"Mitch McConnell's a guy who's made a cottage industry out of hatred for the president of the United States," says Kentucky State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach, a Democrat.

A lot of Kentuckians buy what the senator is selling.

Many of them are white folks who still can’t get over the fact that the country elected, then re-elected, an African American president. More than a few of these white folks live a long way from Easy Street.

McConnell is a millionaire whose politics are calculated to make the rich richer.  

He despises unions. He’s for keeping tax breaks for American companies that move factories to cheap labor countries.

He loathes government programs that help anybody who needs help. He’d love to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and, of course, deep six the Affordable Care Act.

He hates laws that do things like protect workers’ lives and limbs on the job, shield the environment against polluters and ensure the products we consume are safe.

At the same time, McConnell is all for lavishing hefty tax breaks on rich people like himself and on big corporations while tossing tax crumbs to working stiffs like me.

McConnell wins elections largely by making political hay off multitudes of my fellow Kentuckians who are of modest means and who benefit from the very government programs he wants to wipe out.


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Mitch McConnell Endorser Governor Rick Perry Indicted!

by: Hillbilly

Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 22:10:00 PM EDT

New York Times
AUSTIN, Tex. — A grand jury indicted Gov. Rick Perry on two felony counts on Friday, charging that he abused his power last year when he attempted to pressure the district attorney here, a Democrat, to step down by threatening to cut off state financing to her office. Read more.

Remember Mitch McConnell proudly posting this YouTube video of Rick Perry endorsing him?

Don’t be surprised when Team Mitch takes the video down.
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Are Chao And Bloomberg Soul Mates On Guns?


Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 10:48:28 AM EDT

Timing is everything in politics, for better or worse.

The National Rifle Association is sending a mailer into Kentucky portraying Mitch McConnell as the savior of the Second Amendment against President Barack Obama and – wait for it – Michael Bloomberg, the millionaire anti-coal guy on whose foundation board the senator’s spouse sits.

Bloomberg is also for tougher gun control laws.

Okay, it’s Bloomberg Philanthropies’ anti-coal stand that has put Chao in the news because her husband says coal is the love of his political life.

But if I were McConnell, the last thing I’d want to see in the Bluegrass State is anything with Bloomberg’s mug on it.

The buzz over the Bloomberg board giving $50 million to the Sierra Club’s anti-coal campaign seemed about to die down. Now comes a flier telling Kentuckians that Chao’s boss on the board is one half of the “OBAMA/BLOOMBERG GUN CONTROL AGENDA.” Bloomberg has pledged $50 million of his personal fortune toward candidates who will vote for stronger gun laws.

So where does the flier leave the significant other of Kentucky’s NRA-backed senior senator?

"If she [Chao] is on that board and he [McConnell] definitely is for coal, I think it's time for her to resign," Marilyn Kirtley, a Team Mitch player, told a Louisville TV reporter.

Chao says she’s not stepping down and her husband supports her.

I wonder how many McConnell partisans who got the flier would say the same thing Kirtley said but would now add “guns” to “coal.”

Naturally, the flier ignores Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat who wants McConnell’s job. “She’s anti-coal!” is McConnell’s manta.

The union-busting coal barons have put their big bucks behind McConnell. The United Mine Workers of America has endorsed Grimes. Interestingly, McConnell, the supposed gun guy, has yet to accept her invitation to meet on a gun range, hallowed ground to the NRA faithful.

Team Switch has steered clear of the Chao/Bloomberg board fray, though some big-name Bluegrass State Democrats have called for Chao to resign.

Anyway, you can bet the farm if Grimes’s hubby were on the Bloomberg board, McConnell would muster his trademark affected high dudgeon, call a press conference and demand that he quit.
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Protest Rally Outside The Evangel World Prayer Center's Pro-Israel Mitch McConnell Event - Video

by: Hillbilly

Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 22:52:44 PM EDT

Louisville Students for Justice in Palestine (LSJP) and others protesting outside the Evangel World Prayer Center’s Pro Israel Mitch McConnell event.

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Protest Rally Outside The Evangel World Prayer Center's Pro-Israel Mitch McConnell Event - Photos

by: Hillbilly

Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 21:38:10 PM EDT

Louisville Students for Justice in Palestine (LSJP) and others protesting outside the Evangel World Prayer Center’s Pro Israel Mitch McConnell event photos.

Click here to view the photos.


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Is Elaine Chao A Closet You-Know-What?


Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 17:31:07 PM EDT

Birds of a feather, right?

So does that make Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell’s spouse, a closet you-know-what?

A Liberal?

Those of us who pack union cards remember the senator’s significant other as the conservative, anti-labor secretary of labor under conservative, anti-labor President George W. Bush.

Well, now it’s all over the news that Chao is on the board of directors of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the foundation that agreed to chip in a cool $50 million to the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign. The campaign’s objective is to end the country’s reliance on “dirty coal, plant-by-plant, community-by-community, state-by-state.”

Chao protests that Bloomberg Philanthropies got involved in the anti-coal effort before she got on the board. A board flak backs her up.

So does Joe Romm of Climate Progress online. But he said Chao’s argument has three big holes. “First, yes, it’s true that Chao joined in April 2012, and, Bloomberg announced the initiative in July 2011 as we reported at the time,” Romm argued. But he added that Bloomberg made it plain in its 2013-2014 annual report that its partnership with the Sierra Club is ongoing.
Second, he suggested that most people “don’t join the boards of foundations whose central mission they oppose — they resign from them.” The Bloomberg website makes no bones about the foundation “helping to end our nation’s reliance on dirty coal.” Citing Kentucky media reports, Romm said Chao was on the board when at least half of the grant checks were cut to the Sierra Club.
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Mitch McConnell In-Law, Elaine Chao's Father, Avoids Taxes By Registering By His Ships In Liberia.

by: Hillbilly

Sun Aug 10, 2014 at 20:01:56 PM EDT

Curtis Morrison over at Louisville Courant reported it first in his article  “How many ships are in Mitch McConnell father-in-law's fleet and guess which flags they fly?”

Then the International Business Times picked it up and published their article “Tax Avoidance: Mitch McConnell In-Law Registers His Ships In Liberia To Avoid U.S. Taxes.”
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McCracken County GOP: "It's Not His, McConnell's, Job To Go Up There And Hunt For Jobs In Kentucky"

by: Hillbilly

Fri Aug 08, 2014 at 16:30:55 PM EDT

By Berry Craig

With friends like Cheryl Grana, Mitch McConnell doesn’t need foes.

“It’s not his job to go up there and hunt for jobs in Kentucky,” the McCracken County GOP vice chairwoman and McConnell fan told The Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe.

Grana evidently figured she was showing solidarity with the senator who in April told Edmund Shelby, editor and general manager of The Beattyville Enterprise newspaper, that it “is not my job” to bring jobs to Lee County, of which Beattyville is the seat. The unemployment rate was 12.8 percent.

Alison Lundergan Grimes says it is everybody’s job to boost Bluegrass State employment. She’s the Democrat who wants McConnell’s job.

Grimes has pounded McConnell hard on his comment about creating jobs, calling it “reprehensible.”

Shelby had asked McConnell what he would do to bring jobs to Lee County. "That is not my job,” Shelby quoted the senator. “It is the primary responsibility of the state Commerce Cabinet."

The captain of Team Mitch swears the scribe quoted him out of context. Shelby is sticking by his story, word-for-word. “We were both speaking English,” he said.

Anyway, The Hill article sounds like Grana tried to take back what she said. She went on to praise her candidate as a “seasoned veteran, he understands the workings of the Senate and Washington in general, and knows how to get things done.”

Jaffe asked for examples. The best Grana could do was, “He’s done a lot for the state of Kentucky, but I mean I can’t just rattle you off anything that you want to know right now.”

Grana really wanted to help her candidate -- ditto for President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his guy fifty-four Augusts ago.

Richard Nixon, Ike’s vice president, was running for president against Democrat John F. Kennedy. “I just wondered if you could give us an example of a major idea of his [Nixon’s] that you had adopted” as president, Charles H. Mohr of Time magazine queried Eisenhower at a press conference on Aug. 24, 1960.

“If you give me a week, I might think of one,” Ike famously replied. “I don't remember.”

The Kennedy for president campaign made hay off Eisenhower’s damn-them-with-faint praise sounding comment.

Grana might have handed Team Switch more potential ammo on the jobs front: It’s not just the captain of Team Mitch who doesn’t get it on job creation. It’s the players, too. And when pinned down by a reporter, they – or at least Grana – are, Ike-like, short on specifics about how great their guy is.

McCracken -- Paducah is its seat -- is the most populous county in deeply conservative deep western Kentucky, heretofore McConnell country. But local Democrats say Grimes is faring well here. Polls show a close race statewide.

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Elaine Chao's War On Coal. Explain That Senator Mitch McConnell!

by: Hillbilly

Fri Aug 08, 2014 at 12:25:45 PM EDT

 Looks like Senator Mitch McConnell has some explaining to do!

Yahoo News
Senator Mitch McConnell’s wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, sits on the board of directors of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has plunged $50 million into the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal initiative, an advocacy effort with the expressed goal of killing the coal industry.

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Brett Guthrie, Mitch McConnell And Obama Are Together When It Comes To Shipping Your Job Overseas!

by: Hillbilly

Thu Aug 07, 2014 at 13:03:06 PM EDT

Congressman Brett Guthrie KY-2 and Senator Mitch McConnell wail and complain about Barack Obama’s abuse of power in public, but quietly behind the scenes they work to delegate congresses’ authority to the executive branch (Barack Obama) and give the President unlimited power (TPA) when it comes to negotiating trade deals that ship American jobs overseas. Trade deals like NAFTA and the top secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

I guess Congressman Brett Guthrie thinks his constituents are stupid. He votes to sue the President for executive overreach and then introduces legislation that includes (TPA) H.R. 3355 to give the President unlimited executive power to negotiate trade deals that ship American jobs overseas.  

Senator Mitch McConnell isn’t any better he stood on stage and proclaimed to the world that his top priority was to limit the President (Barack Obama) to one term but in reality he was working quietly behind the scenes introducing legislation to give the President (Barack Obama) unlimited power (TPA) to negotiate the top secret, job killing, NAFTA on steroids, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement.

In 2011 Senator Mitch McConnell sponsored legislation to provide Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority for the top secret, big business friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and other trade agreements, but the legislation failed to pass in the senate 45 yeas/ 55 nays. However it seems Senator McConnell and President Obama are still in agreement when it comes to pushing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) so they can ram through the top secret, big business friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

So Kentucky when you hear Congressman Brett Guthrie and Senator Mitch McConnell spewing bitter criticism against Barack Obama, you know now that it’s all an act to divert your attention from their real agenda to ship your job overseas.


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Senator Mitch McConnell To Hold A Open To The Public Town Hall Meeting In Leitchfield, KY.

by: Hillbilly

Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 21:39:30 PM EDT

Want to ask Senator Mitch McConnell a question? This is your chance.

Senator Mitch McConnell will be hosting a Town Hall meeting in Leitchfield

I called the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce and they told me it was open to the public and there’s room for about 200 people.

Date: August 21, 2014
Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Event Description: Senator Mitch McConnell will be hosting a Town Hall meeting in Leitchfield.
Location: Centre on Main 425 South Main St. Leitchfield, KY  42754
Date/Time Information: August 21, 2014 12:30 p.m.
Fees/Admission: Free to the Public
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Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell's 2nd Wife, Lectures Alison Lundergan Grimes In Political Ad.

by: Hillbilly

Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 01:43:11 AM EDT

Elaine Chao lectures Alison Lundergan Grimes about Kentucky in her Husband Senator Mitch McConnell’s political ad. In the ad Elaine Chao has this to say to Alison Lundergan Grimes: "Alison, supporting the Obama agenda isn’t pro woman, it’s anti Kentucky.”

Problem is Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell’s 2nd wife, doesn’t even live in Kentucky like Alison Lundergan Grimes does.

Yes it’s true Elaine Chao doesn't live in Kentucky. According to her Google Plus page and 12 political contributions, she lives in Washington, DC and her mailing address is Washington, DC. 217 C St NE, Washington, District of Columbia 20002 to be exact.

I wonder where Elaine Chao Votes? Does she vote in Kentucky or Washington D.C.?





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