Pro-RTW group raises ‘state sovereignty’ cry over judge’s ruling


By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 Predictably, the union-busters are in high dudgeon over Federal District Judge David Hale’s ruling that, in effect, invalidated a dozen county “right to work” ordinances in Kentucky. One of those conservative, anti-union groups griped that … Continue reading →

Kentucky Republican 2016 Presidential Caucus. When And Where.

A friend of mine asked me if I was going to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Primary. I explained to her that I was a Democrat and I couldn’t vote in the Republican 2016 Presidential Primary. When … Continue reading →

‘Democrats must vote, whether we nominate Sanders or Clinton’

By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 “It’s like déjà vu all over again,” Yogi Berra supposedly said when he found himself in some situation he thought he’d been in before. The calendar says it’s January, 2016. I’m feeling like it’s … Continue reading →

Kentucky State Rep. Gerald Watkins called it

By BERRY CRAIG This old reporter turned in his press pass a long time ago. But a pack of newshounds spent the weekend trying to track down what House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, meant when he hinted that Monday … Continue reading →

Labor’s winter of discontent in Frankfort? Maybe not

By BERRY CRAIG Despite the departure of four of their own, House Democrats should be able to keep the Republican “right to work” wolf away from organized labor’s door. Prevailing wage repeal, another long-cherished GOP goal, also faces an unlikely … Continue reading →