Kentucky E-cigarette Tax #kyga17

It seems that some Kentucky politicians are chopping at the bit to create a new tax and impose it on e-cigarette users and small business vape shop owners. State Rep. Larry Clark, a Democrat from Louisville is just one of … Continue reading →

Plan B as in Bernie?

By BERRY CRAIG Is it possible that even die-hard Hillary Clinton Democrats might end up grudgingly grateful for Bernie Sanders? She’s still the all-but-certain presidential nominee. But he could be the party’s Plan B if it turns out there’s really … Continue reading →

Trump’s NAFTA baloney

By BERRY CRAIG Either Donald Trump is flat fibbing about the North American Free Trade Agreement or he’s clueless about the deal unions say has cost thousands of American jobs. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants voters—especially working stiffs–to believe … Continue reading →

Trump’s trousers blaze anew

By BERRY CRAIG Donald Trump ought to add Nomex pants for politicians to his clothing line and take the first pair for himself. Not a NASCAR fan? Nomex is that flame resistant material in race car drivers’ suits. Anyway, Trump’s … Continue reading →

Mule trader Trump

By BERRY CRAIG   You’re at the bargaining table. The lead management negotiator slides over a piece of paper. “You’re going to love what I’m proposing,” the guy says. “Honest. It’s so good you don’t even have to check it … Continue reading →