Matt Bevin And Seniors On The Draw


By BERRY CRAIG In the gubernatorial candidate debate at Centre College, Republican Matt Bevin deviated slightly from his campaign MO: — He says something pretty strong. — He walks it back or claims he didn’t say it. — A reporter calls … Continue reading →

Capt. Matt Bevin’s white whale?

By BERRY CRAIG Somebody at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters in Frankfort changed that sign that drives Matt Bevin batty. “MATT BEVIN, NEXT TIME BRING YOUR TAX RETURNS,” is the new message. Bevin is the GOP gubernatorial hopeful. His Democratic opponent … Continue reading →

Dems sign still drives Matt Bevin bonkers

By BERRY CRAIG “WE STILL CAN’T TRUST MATT BEVIN,” the Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters sign still says.  Bevin still can’t trust himself with the sign. The GOP gubernatorial hopeful got miffed at the message again today. This time he stormed … Continue reading →

I’m glad Jack Conway is topping our ticket

By BERRY CRAIG I’m an old reporter. So I know it’s unwise to argue with folks who buy their ink in barrels. But Lexington Herald-Leader scribe Larry Dale Keeling is tad off base in his column about the recent gubernatorial candidate debate–or forum, or … Continue reading →

Flip-Flopper Matt Bevin

By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 Matt Bevin was, well, Matt Bevin in the recent three-way gubernatorial candidate debate. Again, he flat contradicted himself. By now, Bevin has got to know some reporter will call his hand on his flip-flops. … Continue reading →

Kim Davis is no William Jennings Bryan

By BERRY CRAIG I suspect Matt Bevin, the Republican candidate for governor of Kentucky, sees Kim Davis as a twofer. That’s ditto for state Sen. Whitney Westerfield, the GOP’s attorney general nominee. Davis is the Democratic Rowan County clerk. She’s … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin bit the Democrats’ bait

By BERRY CRAIG Bait goes for naught if the fish won’t bite. The same is true for politicians. The other day, Matt Bevin, the GOP gubernatorial hopeful, bit on the Kentucky Democratic Party’s bait, namely the billboard at party headquarters … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin’s MO: declare, deny, declaim the media

By BERRY CRAIG I don’t know if Matt Bevin, the GOP candidate for governor, ever took a history course on ancient Greece. If he did, he ought to know about hubris, what the Greeks of antiquity called too much pride. … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin reinvents himself, at least for Fancy Farm

By BERRY CRAIG “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,” Dr. Samuel Johnson famously observed. The celebrated 18th-century English man of letters was panning those who professed patriotism to mask their selfish ends. Anyway, at the Fancy Farm picnic, … Continue reading →

Joseph Holt, Congressman John Yarmuth And The Confederate Flag

By BERRY CRAIG Army Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt would have heartily cheered U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth’s condemnation of the Confederate flag as a symbol “of white supremacy and treason.” Yarmuth is a Louisville Democrat. The anti-slavery Holt was a … Continue reading →