Ron Leach Ex-Green Beret seeks Democratic senate nod in May 17 primary


By BERRY CRAIG Click here to visit Ron Leach’s website. Click here to visit Ron Leach’s Facebook page. Ron Leach, the ex-Green Beret running for the U.S. senate in Kentucky, says some people are surprised to hear he’s a Democrat. … Continue reading →

Brett Guthrie Votes For TPA aka Obamatrade


Brett Guthrie R2-KY voted today, June 18, 2015, to give President Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority, aka Obamatrade, thus greasing the skids for the top secret, big business friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Now who would have thought that Republican congressman Brett Guthrie R2-KY would vote to give President Barack Obama all of that authority? TPA aka “Fast Track.”

Citizens Trade
Fast Track, however, delegates Congresses’ authority to the Executive branch so that the Administration is granted the power to negotiate trade agreements, draft implementing legislation to change U.S. law, and sign agreements into international law. Congress’s involvement is restricted to 20 hours of debate and an up or down vote on the final bill with no amendments allowed. Fast Track is an anomaly in terms of legislative procedure in which Congress generally goes through a multi-step process of writing, debating, and amending legislation.

Brett Guthrie voted for Obamatrade?  Wow! Money talks and our jobs walk.

This is the same guy that voted to take legal action against President Barack Obama and now he’s delegating his authority to the same President. Like I said, money talks.

Guthrie Votes for Legal Action Against President Obama


WASHINGTON, D.C.–Congressman Brett Guthrie voted today in support of a bill that provides a pathway for legal action to be taken against the president.  

“We’re seeing a president who is not interested in working through the appropriate and necessary legislative channels to make laws,” said Congressman Guthrie.  “With no regard for Congress, the president has taken a clear ‘my way or the highway’ approach. That’s not how the law making process was designed and flies in the face of the Constitution.”

“President Obama said during his last State of the Union address that he had a pen and a phone.  It turns out he’s only interested in using his pen.  There are three branches in the U.S. government – something the president seems to forget.”

H.Res. 676 authorizes the Speaker of the House to file a lawsuit against President Obama for not faithfully executing the law and fulfilling his duties as president, as required by the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit focuses on the requirements of Obamacare and the president’s unilateral delay of the employer mandate.  While the House has passed legislation many times to stop Obamacare’s implementation, the president does not have the constitutional authority to unilaterally rewrite laws.

“President Obama and I were first sworn into office at the same time.  He vowed to move past partisan politics and lead a transparent government, and I had hoped we could work together to solve the problems facing our nation.  It’s exceedingly clear that this is an ‘imperial presidency,’ a far cry from the collaborative, open environment he promised,” added Congressman Guthrie.

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