Senate Passes Republican Budget 51-48

Politico After a marathon session of votes that lasted into the early hours of Thursday morning, the Senate passed a Republican budget that sets in motion repeal of Obamacare. Read more. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul voted against the budget and … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin might be the Democrats’ best fund-raiser

By BERRY CRAIG Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s family bell manufacturing business is in Connecticut, home state of Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth. Delegates to the 1787 constitutional convention in Philadelphia, Sherman and Ellsworth are famous for proposing the “Great Compromise.” … Continue reading →

Team Bevin’ is on the ballot March 8, 2016

By BERRY CRAIG I went to the Kentucky secretary of state’s webpage and clicked on “March 8, 2016 Special Election.” I found the names of eight candidates, Barack Obama not among them. But you wouldn’t know that from ads Republicans are running … Continue reading →

Rattled Republicans start new website for the special elections

By BERRY CRAIG Jeff Taylor thinks he’s rattling the Republicans. “If that’s all they’ve got, good luck to them,” said Taylor in response to a new Republican State Leadership Committee website that ties him and the three other Democratic candidates … Continue reading →

A Rude Unhinging – a Political Body in Shock

By Ron Leach My medical colleagues will recognize the title – A Rude Unhinging – derived from Dr. Samuel Gross’ 1862 description of a rapidly deteriorating physiological state of the human body now known as shock; “the rude unhinging of … Continue reading →