What If Jesus Healed America?


What would happen if Jesus were to suddenly appear at the base of the Statue of Liberty, wave his arms and proclaim “I’m here to heal the sick in America” and suddenly every sick person in America was healed? What … Continue reading →

#TPP Mitch McConnell And Obama Are On The Same Page


In 2011 Senator Mitch McConnell sponsored legislation to provide Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority for the top secret, big business friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and other trade agreements, but the legislation failed to pass in the senate 45 yeas/ 55 … Continue reading →

How Would The Christian Conservative Community Deal With Jesus If He Were With Us Today?


I'm not writing this to anger my fellow Christians. I writing this so that we might ask ourselves the following questions.

How would Jesus would fit in modern day America?

Would he be welcomed or would he meet the same demise he met when he first appeared?

How would he be welcomed in your church?

How would his criticism of your church be received, by your church leaders?
Would he tell America it needs to spend more on bombs, weapons of mass destruction, etc. and less on the poor and disenfranchised?
What would he think upon seeing Christian leaders living opulent lifestyles while the masses suffer?

How would the established Christian community act when folks stopped listening to them and started listening to him, at his mass rallies?

How would the established Christian community respond when folks started giving their money to Jesus rather than them?
If Jesus were with us today where would he be living? Would he be living with the masses or living in opulence with rich religious leaders?

Would Jesus have a concealed carry permit?
Would he pass a background check?
If he drew a crowd on a busy street would he be cited for not having permit for a rally?

How would the fast food industry react if Jesus bought two big Mac's and five orders of french fries and fed thousands with some left over? Would they lobby their Christian conservative friends in Congress to stop that?

How would the Wine industry react if Jesus started turning water into wine? Would they lobby their Christian conservative friends in Congress to stop that?

How would the healthcare insurance companies react if Jesus started healing the sick for free? Would they lobby their Christian conservative friends in Congress to stop that?

Just asking. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section.

Jim Pence


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Medicare Part D. A Senior Citizen Scam That No One Seems To Care About! Thugs In Suits!


The only reason I'm taking the time to write this, is because I'm pissed. Really pissed! I'm not under the illusion that anyone really cares that Medicare Part D is screwing mom, dad, grandpa and grandma or that senior citizens lacking internet skills will have the opportunity to read this article, but I'll feel better after I write it and my conscience will be at ease.

Let me be clear this isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's about, what I believe, a corrupt system (Thugs In Suits) engineered by Republicans and Democrats to line the pockets of “Big PHARMA” and the insurance companies. Yes anything for a buck. Including taking advantage of the least among us, the elderly.

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Medicare Part D, Big PHARMA, Crestor & The Doughnut Hole. America Ripping Off It’s Senior Citizens


There's a big difference between $494.08 and $127.80 when it comes to 90 20mg Crestor tablets.

I'm writing this article about Medicare Part D's over pricing of Crestor, but the same is true of countless other drugs. I'm not asking you to take my word, just go to Canada Drugs and compare what you're paying for your prescriptions here in the USA to the price you would pay in Canada.

Here in the good old USA, crony capitalist society, 90 20mg Crestor tablets cost $494.08 and in Canada, where healthcare is taken seriously and Canadians aren't trying to screw their citizens and/or their senior citizen, so big PHARMA and the insurance companies can make big bucks, 90 20mg Crestor tablets cost $127.80.

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