Mum’s the word about RTW from Bevin, Simpson-bound German firm


By BERRY CRAIG Fritz Winter North America LP, a German-owned automotive parts maker, is set to open a $193.7 million foundry and factory in Simpson County. Simpson is one of a dozen Kentucky counties that passed “right to work” ordinances. … Continue reading →

More good news for Kentucky, more bad news for Bevin and his union-busting buddies


By BERRY CRAIG Here’s more good news for Kentucky and more bad news for Gov. Matt Bevin and his union-busting buddies at that Crabgrass Institute, or whatever they call it, in Bowling Green. Bevin and the folks at Crabgrass claim … Continue reading →

Ford proves the ‘East Coast con man’ wrong on ‘right to work’


By BERRY CRAIG I guess Ford Motor Co. bigwigs didn’t get the memo from Matt Bevin, Kentucky’s almost-governor. Bevin, who will be sworn in Tuesday, says a lot of companies don’t want to invest in Kentucky because we’re not a … Continue reading →

PRESS RELEASE: Drew Curtis campaign statement on Kentucky Coal Association


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 8, 2015 – The Kentucky Coal Association invited the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor to make presentations during its annual meeting today. As the only candidate for governor who has not accepted money from the … Continue reading →

Sunday Train: The New Gulf Wind, NOLA to Orlando


In this September’s Trains magazine{+}, Bob Johnston looks at the history and current state of play of the eastern section of the Sunset Limited route, running from New Orleans through to, most of the time, Orlando Florida. This is a live topic since both houses have passed Amtrak funding bills, which are currently awaiting reconciliation, and both include language setting up a group to study re-establishing intercity rail service on the Gulf Coast.

This also ties into three issues previously examined on the Sunday Train. The Orlando terminus offers the possibility of connecting rail services, which include the Carolina services, some of which extend through to Florida, and also the planned Rapid Rail All Aboard Florida hourly daytime passenger services between Orlando and Miami. And the western connection ties this into the previous Congress-mandated study of upgrades to the existing Sunset Limited, which proposed to replace the current route by extending the Texas Eagle through to Los Angeles, connecting to a New Orleans corridor service at San Antonio.

{+: Note that online access to Trains! magazine is mostly paywalled for subscribers to the print edition.}

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