The ‘right to work trickle’


By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 The union-busters would have us believe that a “right to work” tide is sweeping the country. A trickle is more like it. But you wouldn’t know that from the media. Wisconsin recently was all … Continue reading →

Ed Whitfield, Mitt Romney, Mexico, Bain Capital, Mattel, Murray, Kentucky And 980 Jobs.


Murray is a city in Calloway County, Kentucky. It's part of Kentucky's 1st Congressional District and represented by Congressman Ed Whitfield. Calloway County is a Republican county. John McCain received 58.4% of the Calloway County vote in 2008 and Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield received 63.1% of the vote. In 2010 Republican Senator Rand Paul and Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield carried Calloway County handily.

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