Trump’s NAFTA baloney


By BERRY CRAIG Either Donald Trump is flat fibbing about the North American Free Trade Agreement or he’s clueless about the deal unions say has cost thousands of American jobs. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants voters—especially working stiffs–to believe … Continue reading →

Hillary Clinton And Jim Gray Win In Kentucky


Kentucky Democratic senatorial candidate Jim Gray wins big and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton squeaks by Bernie Sanders, in Kentucky’s Democratic primary. So what can Kentuckians expect from the Democratic victors? Will Jim Gray deny that he voted for Barack … Continue reading →

Never Forget. Bill Clinton Signed NAFTA


Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and this hillbilly ain’t gonna forget it or the million jobs that disappeared because of it. Huffington Post Public Citizen has published a report that details the wreckage. Not only did promises made by NAFTA’s proponents … Continue reading →

Where Are The Jobs? They’re In China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Peru, Bulgaria, Bangladesh Stupid!


Don't you love when Corporate politicians ask stupid questions.

Democratic politicians ask Republicans: Where are the jobs? Republican politicians ask Democrats: Where are the jobs? Really? Maybe the politicians should ask real people: Where are the jobs? Real people know where the jobs are and they know they ain't here. The jobs that use to support the American economy are are gone and the politicians know it.

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