Kathy Brannan Sargeant Has A Message For Hillbilly Report.


It seems that Kathy Brannan Sargeant, Chairwoman of the Hardin County Republican Party of Ky. didn’t approve of our Hardin County GOP Lincoln Day and Mitch McConnell coverage June 30, 2017. Kathy Brannan Sargeant, Chairwoman of the Hardin County Republican … Continue reading →

Ted Cruz, God And Phil Robertson Video


Right Wing Watch While stumping in Iowa for Ted Cruz on Sunday, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson declared that gay marriage is a sign of growing “depravity” and “perversion” in America. Robertson, notorious for his racist and anti-gay remarks, said … Continue reading →

Kentucky Rep. Larry Clark’s Electronic Cigarette Tax!


Is Kentucky Democratic Rep. Larry Clark trying to impersonate Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel when it comes to electronic cigarettes and taxes? That’s what it looks like to me. Kentucky Democratic Rep. Larry Clark’s proposed electronic cigarette tax: WFPL A Louisville … Continue reading →

Medicare Part D. A Senior Citizen Scam That No One Seems To Care About! Thugs In Suits!


The only reason I'm taking the time to write this, is because I'm pissed. Really pissed! I'm not under the illusion that anyone really cares that Medicare Part D is screwing mom, dad, grandpa and grandma or that senior citizens lacking internet skills will have the opportunity to read this article, but I'll feel better after I write it and my conscience will be at ease.

Let me be clear this isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's about, what I believe, a corrupt system (Thugs In Suits) engineered by Republicans and Democrats to line the pockets of “Big PHARMA” and the insurance companies. Yes anything for a buck. Including taking advantage of the least among us, the elderly.

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