Senate Passes Republican Budget 51-48

Politico After a marathon session of votes that lasted into the early hours of Thursday morning, the Senate passed a Republican budget that sets in motion repeal of Obamacare. Read more. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul voted against the budget and … Continue reading →

Kentucky E-cigarette Tax #kyga17

It seems that some Kentucky politicians are chopping at the bit to create a new tax and impose it on e-cigarette users and small business vape shop owners. State Rep. Larry Clark, a Democrat from Louisville is just one of … Continue reading →

I’m for Bernie Sanders and closed primaries

By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 I Felt the Bern Tuesday, but I don’t share my candidate’s disdain for closed primaries. Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to a Washington Post story, said Hillary Clinton won in Kentucky because it’s one of … Continue reading →

Trumka: ‘What’s getting less attention is how Trump really feels about the working class…’

By BERRY CRAIG AFT Local 1360 Donald Trump is again twisting the truth about Hillary Clinton and coal. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee claimed that his all-but-certain Democratic foe declared, “we’re going to put the miners out of business and … Continue reading →

Matt Bevin might be the Democrats’ best fund-raiser

By BERRY CRAIG Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s family bell manufacturing business is in Connecticut, home state of Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth. Delegates to the 1787 constitutional convention in Philadelphia, Sherman and Ellsworth are famous for proposing the “Great Compromise.” … Continue reading →