Kentucky E-cigarette Tax #kyga17

It seems that some Kentucky politicians are chopping at the bit to create a new tax and impose it on e-cigarette users and small business vape shop owners. State Rep. Larry Clark, a Democrat from Louisville is just one of … Continue reading →

Kentucky Pastor Jeff Fugate Endorses Ted Cruz

Separation of Church and State? You Decide. Click here to read our previous post concerning Pastor Jeff Fugate. Pastor Jeff Fugate is the Editor of the Christian Growth Magazine, Pastor of Clays Mill Rd Baptist Church and President of Commonwealth … Continue reading →

Republican State Leadership Committee And Comcast

Is a vote for Republicans here in Kentucky a vote for Comcast? What does the Republican State Leadership Committee and Comcast have in common? Well for starters, according to Open Secrets, Comcast contributed $377,964 to the Republican State Leadership Committee. … Continue reading →

Kentucky Rep. Larry Clark’s Electronic Cigarette Tax!

Is Kentucky Democratic Rep. Larry Clark trying to impersonate Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel when it comes to electronic cigarettes and taxes? That’s what it looks like to me. Kentucky Democratic Rep. Larry Clark’s proposed electronic cigarette tax: WFPL A Louisville … Continue reading →