Jeff Jeans: Thank You President Barack Obama

CNN’s Jake Tapper hosted CNN a town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan last night and a fellow by the name of Jeff Jeans asked Paul Ryan “Why would you repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement?” Jeff Jeans … Continue reading →

#ReleaseTheTranscripts Joe Sacco Ask Hillary Clinton About Speech Transcripts. Video

Democratic Town Hall February 18, 2016 Joe Sacco to Hillary Clinton: “Please just release those transcripts so we’ll know exactly where you stand.” Joe Sacco’s Tweet @HillaryClinton Question unanswered, deflected. Untrustworthy! — Joe Sacco (@MrJoeSacco) February 19, 2016 … Continue reading →

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren: the ‘only two people really fighting for us in Washington’ 

By BERRY CRAIG Steelworker Jeff Wiggins didn’t just vote for Barack Obama both times the president ran. He wore out shoe leather campaigning for him in 2008 and 2012. But Wiggins, the Paducah-based Western Kentucky AFL CIO Area Council president, … Continue reading →

Mitch McConnell Town Hall Protest Leitchfield, KY August 21, 2014. Photos And Video.

Protesters at a Senator Mitch McConnell's public town hall meeting that turned out to be a private town hall meeting when we tried to get in. Click here to view the photos.

Stay tuned we’ll have more on how Senator Mitch McConnell’s public town hall meeting turned out to be a private town hall meeting.


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My Perspective Of The Louisville, Kentucky Tea Party

The Louisville, Kentucky Tea Party Express videos and photos we shot are posted here and here respectively.
Saturday September 5, 2009 the Tea Party Express arrived right smack dab in the middle of Kentucky's most progressive city, Louisville, Kentucky. The home of progressive Congressman John Yarmuth.
This was not a surprise visit by the Tea Party Express. The progressive community knew about it and made a decision to stay at home and not counter this event. One could reasonably assume the Louisville progressive community is OK with folks coming in to their city and calling Barack Obama  a Communist, Marxist or Muslim and signs like this about their Congressman John Yarmuth and allowing Right Wing Radio and Fox News Commentator Mark Williams to spew his venom unchallenged.

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