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Before you read any further I want the reader to understand I'm not bashing Christianity. I know many Christians and for the most part they practice the Christian faith as best as humanly possible.

Matthew 5:39 KJV
King James Version
But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Most of us have heard a preacher, priest, pastor or religious leader read or quote Matthew 5:39 more than one time while trying to teach or convert us. I've heard it from the church pulpit and Sunday School more times than I can remember and I've often wondered if all folks hearing this with me were interpreting Matthew 5:39 it the same way.

Do some self proclaimed Christians see Matthew 5:39 as an opportunity or permission to slap people around and when the person getting slapped refuses to turn the other cheek the slapper can then call the person being slapped a heretic or a heathen? If so, then is Christianity the perfect religion for them (the slappers)?

Is this how folks like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein can say he's doing “God's work” by slapping us with his “shitty deals” and why the Christian community hasn't called him out for slapping us with his “shitty deals?” I suggest the deafening silence of Christian leadership when it comes to folks like Lloyd Blankfein slapping us with “shitty deals” affirms  that it's Ok for rich and powerful folks in the church to be the slappers and the less fortunate poor folks, with little are no influence in the church should endure the slapping and turn the other cheek over and over.

Goldman Sachs culture.

London's Sunday Times
No calls to meet in the basement to club baby seals to death first thing in the morning to get in the mood for a hard day’s banking? “God, no,” one staffer says wryly. “We don’t club baby seals. We club babies.”

London's Sunday Times
The average tenure of a partner is eight years. “You don’t join for the retirement programme,” says one staffer. “You have your phase of the moon to make money and then f*** off.” But doing good does not mean running an HIV clinic in Kinshasa, it means getting top jobs in treasuries, central banks and stock exchanges around the world.

London's Sunday Times
So, it’s business as usual, then, regardless of whether it makes most people howl at the moon with rage? Goldman Sachs, this pillar of the free market, breeder of super-citizens, object of envy and awe will go on raking it in, getting richer than God? An impish grin spreads across Blankfein’s face. Call him a fat cat who mocks the public. Call him wicked. Call him what you will. He is, he says, just a banker “doing God’s work.”

Then we have the God fearing folks at Bank of America slapping folks with home foreclosures and it doesn't seem to matter if the home is paid for. Now that's a slap in the face. Should the homeowner turn the other cheek?

It started five months ago when Bank of America filed foreclosure papers on the home of a couple, who didn't owe a dime on their home. The couple said they paid cash for the house. Read more.

Many Christian leaders have this to say about adversity: “Yes.
A-stands for ADVERSITY.
B-stands for BUILDS.
C-stands for CHARACTER.
Adversity Builds Character! We can’t grow in Christ-likeness without struggle.” Well if that's the way it is then the folks getting slapped around have all the character, endure all of the struggles and those doing the slapping, God's work”, have all the power, money and the blessings of the church. 

Religious leaders in America have embraced the rich and powerful (what I call the slappers) and have the told the rest of us, the less fortunate poor folks, with little or no influence to turn the other cheek. I suggest America's religious leaders should take another look at what Jesus did and reevaluate their attitude when it comes to the slappers. 

Matthew 21:13 KJV
King James Version
And said unto them, It is written , My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Christianity in America and it's religious leaders are at a crossroads. Embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ or embrace the the powerful folks that use Christianity to slap the least of us around. You can't serve two masters!

Goldman Sachs and Lloyd Blankfein doing God's work? I don't think so, but I'm not a Christian religious leader.






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  1. the framers told us that seperation of church and state was the only way that this country would survive.The repubs. use every means possible to win elections and using religion is not above them.I am a very religious person but it should be taught in the home and in the church not at the ballot box.On the same note, politicts should be taught in the home and at school not in church.Any politicts talked about in the church is always for the wrong reasons ,MONEY.This is one of the many reasons I have been a Democrat all my life.The love of God and Jesus that is talked about so many times in the Bible is what life is all about.The modern day repubs.are all about money,control,hate,racism and bigiotry, things that I try every day with God’s help to rid myself completely from. Thanks…