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Walmart is America's largest private sector employer and they have a Health Care Plan for their employee's. The Democrats say they stand for the workers and The Republicans say they stand for the Free Market.
The Walmart Health Care Plan will satisfy the Democrats because it will allow the Democrats to not only to feel the pain of Walmart workers, it will allow them to experience it. The Republicans love the free market, and the Walmart Health Care Plan is about as free market as you can get. Same goes for the Walmart Pension Plan.
We know the members of Congress would never ask for a better Health Care, or Pension Plan than the folks working for America's largest private sector employer, to do so would be immoral.
It's for the above reasons I'm requesting my Congressman Brett Guthrie and Senator Mitch McConnell to do what's morally right and introduce a Bill to change their current Health Care, and Pension Plans to mirror the Health Care and Pension Plans of Americas largest private sector employer, Walmart.
How about it Brett and Mitch are you up to doing what's morally right? Of course if you take my suggestion, your free market Republican friends in Congress, will let you know they are special people and deserve their government anti free market fringe benefits.




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  1. of wal-mart he had stopped look at a mower I have for sale, he said they were going to have 90% of worker part time Now part time worker, work less than 40 hrs and  don’t qualify for health Insurance. do they know something that the rest of us don’t

  2. Jim. I think it is time that folks like that live like the other half too. If they are so opposed to the public option then why not go a step further and work for a company like mine that offers no health insurance at all?? Why not come down to earth and try our wages on for size for a couple of months??

    They might see things differently then.