HomeHealthcareWhat If Jesus Healed America?

What would happen if Jesus were to suddenly appear at the base of the Statue of Liberty, wave his arms and proclaim “I’m here to heal the sick in America” and suddenly every sick person in America was healed?

What would big PHARMA, the healthcare insurance companies, hospital administrators with empty hospitals, televangelist with no one to heal, politicians hooked on big PHARMA and healthcare insurance money have to say and or do?

How would the stock market react with 1/6 of the American economy no longer in existence? Would the stock market crash and Americans loose their retirement savings?

On the other hand folks wouldn’t have to pay for healthcare and would have a lot more money and that could be defined as a transfer of wealth from corporate America to working stiffs. I wonder how corporate America would react to that?

The government wouldn’t have to spend money on programs like Medicaid so would the government use the savings to pay down the national debt or would they use the savings to cut taxes, increase military spending or both?

One thing for sure the Republicans would no longer have to worry about repealing Obamacare and the Democrats could quit worrying about passing Single Payer.

Who knows how all of this would work out, but I believe it would be a good bet that the wine industry would be on their knees praying 24/7  that Jesus didn’t start turning water into wine.



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